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Parents spend almost ten million to buy sushi flower bouquet for teachers


On November 20, the parent who lived in HCM Citiu paid tens of dongs for the sushi of a bouquet, which he gave to his teachers.

Parents want to buy sushi flowers

Flower sushi costs 2 million dong or more. (Photo: Hong Iun).

Carefully put cushi sushi in a customer box, Ms. Truong Hoang Nhu (Section 10, District 8, Ho Chi Minh City), who invented a way to make a sushi bouquet just distributed it, on the occasion of 20/11 In the last few weeks, there is a lot of order sushi floral bouquet does not dare to receive because of the fear of not getting it, late he lost his job.

It is worth mentioning, in which, L.H.B. who lives in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, has set three bouquets of drought at a total cost of nearly 10 million VND for donating to his son's teachers on the occasion of Teacher's Day 20/11.

"I put these three sushi bouquets to the teachers who taught my child.When they brought gifts, the teachers were surprised and happy to receive them. Now give them a little delicate, even if teachers do not recognize it, I give this flower sushi is unique, teachers always remember, but also class celebrations, so I feel very good, "he said. B. says.

It is known that the price per sushi of flowers depends on customers' demands, but the lowest amount of 2 million. Accordingly, 3 bouquets of flowers g. B. were estimated at 3 – 3.5 million VND / piles.

Parents want to buy sushi flowers
Sushi flower is placed in a box carefully for the safest transport. (Photo: Hong Iun).

I share with Reporter Dan Three, to make this bouquet of sushi flowers, Mrs. Nhu has done several experiments to find ways to keep this sushi bouquet shape, can be raised as a normal bouquet without displacement.

"Making sushi bouquets is very difficult, simple, but I had to study for months to make this an idea in such a reality," Nhu said.

It is known that every time a bouquet is made, Ms. Huang, how to prepare a lot of sushi to test the pile, the arrangement is so good, the bouquet has a number of sushi.

In addition to seeking ways to improve the shape of this sushi boukuet, Ms. Nhu also has to find materials with pine, taste and shape, mixing together to become beautiful and consistent. Taste in this unique bouquet.

"This is the idea I made and I tried to do it, so it was pretty hard, but when I got a lot of positive feedback from consumers, I felt it was all worth it," Nhu said. .

In addition to him, many other customers after they received this sushi bouquette are also very positive feedback.

Parents want to buy sushi flowers
A Japanese husband put a bouquet of sushi flowers and gato sushi to his Vietnamese wife as a teacher. (Photo: Hong Iun).

He received a bouquet of sushi and gutted sushi from his Japanese wife Cam Van, a primary school teacher said: "I was very surprised and very happy to have received this gift from my husband. My wife and friends from Japan and the United States enjoy this sushi the bouquet and everyone say that the sushi in Vietnam is so creative. "

In addition, Ms. Huang As said, there are some of the classes that know about this floral bouquet of their sister store through social networks, they should buy a class of donations to teachers, and then class on the festival.

"The whole class had a lot of money to buy a teacher of big sushi flowers on November 20. Our teacher was very surprised by this unique gift. Then, my class is a bouquet of sushi flowers, they are all very good and happy," he said. Phuc An (District 5, HCMC), students at Le Hong Phong High School.

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