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Party Secretary Nguyen Van Nen: The city has implemented emergency measures but has not declared a “state of emergency”


Secretary Nguyen Van Nen: The city has implemented emergency measures but has not declared a state of emergency - Photo 1.

Ho Chi Minh City Festival Committee Secretary Shares Ho Chi Minh City’s Fierce and Background Anti-Epidemic Days – Photo: HCMC Press Center

On the afternoon of October 12, at the oversight meeting of the Ho Chi Minh City National Assembly delegation, Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh City Festival Committee Nguyen Van Nen shared about the unprecedented and fierce anti-epidemic days of Ho Chi Minh City that “nThis anxiety, this obsession is still present. “. Especially difficult times forced the army, police, medical forces and other forces to concentrate on providing aid to the city of Ho Chi Minh.

“Weapon” of paralysis tests

Mr. Should shared: “The pandemic left a lot of pain, a very important lesson to be prepared to face the new unknown situation. The city takes all measures to take into account, it is very difficult, there are no small measures“.

As soon as I heard the report on the detection of 2 positive cases of COVID-19 arriving at Gia Dinh People’s Hospital (May 26), the Standing Committee of the City Festivities Committee had to stop meeting -se to discuss the fight against the epidemic.

After tracing the source of the infection site related to the mission group location, city leaders quickly used Directive 15 to restrict some activities and applied Directive 16 in several key areas. This means not wearing the same shirt away for the whole city because of the multifaceted impact, fearing that only because of the few infections that will affect the whole city, you will be forced to make that decision.

Due to the fact that the “slow PCR weapon” was no longer effective at the time, the city conducted testing and tracking. While it focuses on taking a large number of samples, There are days to collect 40,000 samples, but the capacity for results is about 10,000.

Test results you will have to wait 24 – 48 hours, sometimes the machine is stopped for 7 days to pay, and the results are no longer valid. Due to the group of people in the mission group meeting place in a small space, did not perform 5K, did not make a medical statement, so when it was discovered to be causing an infectious bundle, it was impossible to go back in time.

“While the city sometimes set itself the goal of testing 500,000 samples daily, mobilizing all its forces, the results only yielded a few tens of thousands of samples. Decision gDistance testing to detect infections and prevent them in timeAustralia that “the combat weapon” is not appropriate, ”Mr

At the time, there was no medication to treat, the city focused on building a field hospital to focus on COVID-19 (F0) cases. But after focusing on sitting there watching, it happened who was healthy, who was tired went to the hospital. This creates a lot of tension, not knowing what to do. Keep F0 to prevent the source of the infection but concentrating them didn’t know what to do.

Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh City Festival Committee NGUYEN VAN NEN

“State of emergency” applies but does not declare

The above difficulty is solved when there is a vaccine and a rapid test kit distributed in TP. Government issued Resolution 86 (July 6-8), which assigned the city of Ho Chi Minh City the effort to control the COVID-19 epidemic before September 15th.

However, Mr. Should said: “At that moment, looking back at the force, the “weapon” of the cityThis is not enough to achieve the goal of controlling the epidemic, so city leaders suggest that party, state, Politburo, National Assembly and government leaders implement the measure. higher, which is the state of emergency. ”

But then decideapply emergency measures but not declare a “state of emergency”. Therefore, send reinforcements from the army and police to the city to “fight” the last battle against the epidemic.

On the question “why Bac Giang, Da Nang and some places are successful in testing and tracking all infections, but the city of Ho Chi Minh can not do it?”, Secretary Nguyen Van Nen Share Ho Chi Minh City has special different from the local.

Bac Giang analyzed when preparing to apply the distance, only 40,000 people need to be cleaned and moved, so that army forces can easily move them all.

In the city of Ho Chi Minh, Binh Tan district alone at that time needed to move 100,000 people to no place to stay. Many other places like Binh Chanh, District 4 and District 8 are similar. The city was on the battle map at the time.

However, thanks to the reinforcement of the central forces and the rapid test kits, together with the reinforcement of 4 units of Bach Mai Hospital, Hue Central, Viet Duc and Cho Ray, together with the reinforcement of the Ministry of Health of 4 units of Bach Mai Hospital, Hue Central, Viet Duc and Cho Ray, are in charge of floors 3 and 4. On the one hand, the military medical force Up to each fortress to treat F0 at the base, the city combined two attacks and gradually controlled the disease.

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