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Quang Teo grumbles to the young girl of the Tet comedy, causing the public to criticize violently


Saturday, January 19, 2019 4:28 PM (GMT +7)

The movie "The wife of women" by Quang Teo, Chien Thang, Hiep Ga … was criticized as sensitive as the movie … obscene.

Only after a few days of release, the movie "Lunar New Year" by director Duong Ngoc Bao attracted a lot of points of view. Only 1 episode of this work has more than 1 million views. However, unlike the positive performance of the audience, the film has known many reviews of the content in the images.

The content and dialogue of the film are controversial

Quang Teo, a bad girl of the New Year of the Moon, caused the audience to criticize with fervor

Chien Thang, Quang Teo and Hiep Ga Chicken played the aborigines in "The Wife"

"Many spouses" revolve around the story of Ban Tinh: a man who lives in the woods, which separates the modern world. The people here are portrayed with images of different activities, eating frogs and smelling dishes. In addition, the men of the town who have many women at the same time, have people with weak physiological diseases.

One day, a diamond skull fell suddenly from the sky. Since then, villagers consider it a sacred treasure, cutting the guards.

In the modern modern city, the tycoon (People's Artist Tran Nhuong) dreamed of the secret of Ban Tinh, so he sent 5 adopted children (4 hot girls and 1 Ma Pao) to accompany the guards for steal This valuable item.

Quang Teo, a bad girl of the new lunar year, caused the audience to criticize violently - 2

4 hot girls worrying about love

The appearance of strangers from a distance makes life in Ban Tinh the opposite. In particular, 4 sexy girls seek to seduce the people's boys, including Ma Sinh, Ma Phu, Ma Lu (as well for Quang Teo, Chien Thang, Hiep Ga) to own the diamond skull.

Although he has finished emitting 2 episodes, "The Big Wife" has been criticized by many internet users. On the official website of the film, the audience left comments criticizing the sensitive lines. Many verses are used by male lead using the speech style, which involves sexuality.

Typically: "I would like to become bamboo shoots, I was the toad that splashed on the pot"; "I would like you to become something, I was all the sticks you have seated."

Sex images, violence

Quang Teo, a bad girl of the new lunar year, caused the audience to criticize violently - 3

The sexy female cast is criticized for being offensive

Hot girls, beautiful hot people are considered "specialties" of Tet's comedy. However, in "Many women", this factor is quite advantageous, causing offense to viewers.

Specifically, 4 would adopt heads of girls with clams dressed in sexy, high boots were reached in the context of the mountains, they must climb the mountain walk routes. Many circumstances do not need to focus on the image, but the female cast still has a super short necklace and necklace that shows a round of cheese. The overall image is not compatible with the cinematic context, which makes the majority of the population annoyed.

In particular, many scenes represent too authentic because the director deliberately makes "judgment view" with content that contains elements of sex. In particular, there was a scene when young people talked about sensitive topics, so they could not afford to go home and bring their wives to bed immediately.

In another scene, Quang Teo's midnight "is" close to a girl and has a cunning gesture, which embraces many "blush" people. Even an annoying audience commented that these scenes are not different from a pornographic movie.

Quang Teo, a bad girl of the new lunar year, caused the audience to criticize violently - 4

Quang Teo grumbles the youngster in Lunar New Year, causing the public to criticize violently - 6

The film was also criticized for containing violent blood scenes

In addition, "Many women" are also criticized for the abuse of violence. In many scenes, the character uses an ancient knife or a bloody face.

"Since the New Year's Moon has a killing scene? And why are those who are so disguised? Comedy for all ages, including babies and the elderly," an audience on the channel said. movies

What does the lead actor say?

Extracts from the scene of the Quang Teo movie with a sexy city girl

Contacting actor Quang Teo (NS Tien Quang, who plays Ma Sinh) said with a smile: "Even the audience still reminds me of how the man who gives ducks calls pigs. I have always paid farmers who call me boring, also changing to be new and diverse roles, so I do not want to criticize. I want to criticize the bad habits, I have to build a bad character to criticize. "

Quang Teo, a bad girl of the new lunar year, caused the audience to criticize violently

Quang Teo confirmed that the scene is not as sensitive as many people have commented

Speaking of the critically acclaimed scene, Quang Teo said: "In fact, all the criticisms of" Many Wives "have not carefully watched the film but only centered on the outside image. If it is put in The story, the purpose of the girls is to seduce the children to steal treasures, of course they need to dress attractive.

In addition, our actors have acting skills. In the movie scene, I and the actress acted in the middle of the night, and she was supposed to be besieging a girl, but it was not. At that time, in addition to the actors that still had normal clothes, the fact that I stayed out of it. This scene is very simple, not objective as many people think.

When we make movies, we use the angles and techniques of the camera to transmit the content. Like when a scene of kisses is filmed, it is only near the neck of the actor who goes to the lens, covering it, "he added.

Quang Teo grumbles the young girl in the new lunar year, which causes the public to criticize violently - 8

Many opinions of the public criticize the film to be too sensitive

Many times noisy because of the Tet film that contains a hot girl dressed as a revelation, Quang Teo said: "In fact, as they see, in beauty or beauty competitions, girls come out almost, they come back. On stage in front of thousands of viewers, showing the body, meanwhile, our movie only has a bit of sexy scenes to describe the character or the episode is always criticized for L & Audience ".

He emphasized: "This is a movie, an art, not a real life. The scene is only a reflection, so the public hates these characters or images as the success of the crew" .

Quang Teo, a bad girl of the new lunar year, caused the audience to criticize violently - 9

The actor expects the audience to have a more objective look at comedy movies

In addition, Quang Teo also hoped that the people who watched the movie should have a better insight into the content content of Lunar New Year's comedy, as he was originally determined to build elements of # 39 ; humor and relaxation You carefully selected before accepting a script.

"There was a movie of the past year I participated, but this year, when I invited to continue filming the second part, I refused. When I felt that the director or the filmmaker was poor, I did not It was deep, I would leave immediately ", male artist Medical participation.

Quang Teo drove him

New image of the "giant" attention of Quang Teo on social networks.

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