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Restore diamonds for … business benefits


After the Can Tho National Committee decided to return 20 diamonds and 19,910 artificial stone to Mr. Le Hong Lucu (Director of Nhat Dat Jevelri Trading Co., Ltd). Is the inspection, sanction and collection of diamonds in accordance with regulations?

Diamonds are not stored in private rooms

Explaining the above, Mr. Truong Kuang Hoai Nam, Vice President of the National Committee Kan Tho, said that while working with police, the seller Thao Luc reported that the diamonds were 20 processed products, and again Claims are for purchase, but there is no voucher. However, in the motion, Mr. Le Hong Luc confirmed that this property of the family has been accumulated for many years, so that city leaders have reviewed and returned the material. Thao Luc's gold store has its own book to oversee the purchase of diamonds. From 1-6-2013 to 30-1-2018, this site sold diamonds to 30 customers in the total amount of over 3.3 billion.

When he worked with the police, Mr. Luc admitted the whole book about diamonds, but then changed the statement, decided to sell only 11 cases, in the amount of more than 700 million. Police Can Tho Citia confirmed 8 cases in 11 cases. Thus, there is a sufficient basis for determining diamond diamond trading. All diamonds stored on the ground floor are the business locations of Thao Luc Goldsmith, where there are no private rooms in the family.

According to Nam, for 20 diamonds was arrested, initially fired gold processing and secured 5 orders. When the police check, the signatories in the order were rejected. Then he changed the statement to buy diamonds without a voucher. For 19,910 artificial stones that are attached to the ring is also seized in the diamond cabin, Luc said in the Hoa Binh market and also do not have a voucher. On this basis, the Can Tho Citi police decided to sanction the act of "trading goods of unknown origin" to the City People's Committee.

Exchange of $ 100 was punished with 90 million dong: diamonds returned ... business benefits - Figure 1.

Can Tho Citi People's Committee returns diamonds and jewels confiscated from goldsmith Thao Luc

New episodes appear

After the National Committee Can Tho issued Decision 2283 sanctioning the gold store Thao Luc 295 million copies, confiscated 20 diamonds and 19,910 stone seeds, Le Hong Luk has a "Request for consideration to obtain property" submitted to the Cantho National Committee.

In the application, Mr. Luc said: "Without knowing the law, we did not clearly indicate the source of this property to the competent authority, which is the property of my wife and I accumulated for many years. I did not know the source of this property with the authorities."

According to Mr. Nama, after receiving the request, the President of the City National Committee assigned the authorities to confirm the incident. The verification process is carried out seriously, urgently, in principle useful for the job. In this way, he realized that the specialty in this case was the business address of the goldsmith Thao Luc, who is also the residence of Mr. Luc's family, so that he could leave personal property at a business location. It is not necessary that the property is a business item.

G. He explained to us: "Applying the principles for the benefit of the company, after verification, the functional agencies agreed that these are new circumstances that alter the content of Decision 2283. According to paragraph 1 of Article 1 of Decree No. 97/2017 / ND-CP, which proclaimed the decision on administrative misdemeanors has the right to annul the part of the issued decision, so TP considered the abrogation of part of the Decision 2283 To conduct "trafficking in goods of unknown origin" and to return the material evidence for the goldsmiths.

It does not return electrician material

As for this incident, on November 6, Mr. Truong Kuang Hoai Nam signed the Decision no. 2875 / KD-MTP, excluding all financial penalties for administrative violations of 90 million VND for Mr Nguien Ca Rea (electrician, Department of An Hoa, Ninh Kieu District) pursuant to Decision no. 2284 / KD-KSPVPHC from 4-9-2018. On the material evidence of VND2, 260,000 was converted from $ 100 which was g. Re illegally exchanged in the goldsmith Thao Luc, according to Decision 2875, Mr. Re is not subject to material evidence of administrative violations from point 3 of Article 77 and Clause 6 of Article 125 of the Law on the Treatment of Administrative Offenses. Therefore, it can not receive 2,260,000 VND.

Articles and photos: Ca Linh

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