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Runners-up, Truong Giang criticized Tran Thanh's wife,

Friday, February 1, 2019 10:00 AM (GMT +7)

Hari Won did not hesitate to respond unequivocally when he was publicly criticized for Truong Giang on television.

Episode 13 of the "Super surprise" program will be broadcast on Sundays on the third day of the evening with the participation of many guests such as the Ha Thu runner-up, Sy Thanh, Yaya Truong Nhi … The two familiar MCs of # 39 ; show are still the Jiang School and Hari Won.

As soon as he came to the stage, the Ha Thu runner made the whole "stand up" because of its beautiful beauty. Immediately, the commune of Mr. Nha Phuong named Hari Won to criticize himself and compare himself with the beauty of Ha Thu runner-up.

Runners-up, Truong Giang criticized Tran Thanh's wife - 1

Runner-up It seemed very magnificent in the program "Super surprise".

"People do not see, look in white, but there is a difference in color, looking Hoai Thu better than Hari Won", Truong Giang abruptly criticizes colleague's wife.

Comparing with Changjiang and Hari Won, Hari Won was quite frustrated but he still answered and, frankly, he replied: "People are beautiful because people are beautiful, I am the wife of Tran Thanh, so that's enough."

Runner-up, Truong Giang criticized the woman of Tran Thanh-2

In comparison with the runner-up, Hari Won responded to Truong Giang.

Not only here, the Vietnamese-Korean singer was also adjusted by Truong Giang about Vietnamese knowledge. When seeing the guests who participate in the program this week are all women, Hari Won immediately exclaimed: "I have seen that this program has a woman for a long time".

Quang's comedy lister immediately interrupted and adjusted: "People just use the word" flocked "with objects, animals, not to mention people."

Hari Won shifted timidly to "one", but it was still inaccurate. When Changjiang remembered it, he could use the word "union" correctly.

Runners-up, Truong Giang criticized Tran Thanh's wife - 3

Tran Thanh's wife used the wrong word, Truong Giang immediately recalled and "corrected" directly to television.

Why does Changjiang proclaim?

Truong Giang intends to "dump" Hari Won but, fortunately, artist Ngoc Huyen skillfully managed this situation.

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