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Take drivers urgently with very glazed third grade students

On the afternoon of May 16, the city police of Dong Ha (Quang Tri province) confirmed that Tran Viet Duc was arrested urgently (28 years, residing in district 5 of the city of Dong Ha) for Investigate the behavior of "violation of the regulations on control of road transport vehicles".

Obtain emergency drivers with students glazed gradually 3 to 1

The scene of the accident causes the 9-year-old boy to die.

Before that time, around 7pm, on May 15th, on the street of Le Loi (city of Dong Ha, Quang Tri), Tran Viet Duc led the Innova brand of 7 seats to a motorcycle that led to the mother and daughter in the same direction.

After the collision, the boy of 9 years, Duong Thi Oanh (34 years old, resident in the city of Dong Ha), died at the act.

The mother hurt her face, was taken to the emergency.

After the accident, the car left the area about 5 km. Mobilized by the authorities, the driver went to the city police of Dong Ha.

The German driver claimed to have used alcohol before driving the car.

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