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Teacher Le Duc Giang, who "gave the ship" to the Secretary General | Education


Living in a small house at Nguien Thai Hoc Street, Kui Nhon city, Binh Dinh province, teacher Le Duc Giang is now 90 years old and still healthy and smart. In the silence of every painting, an old book, Teacher Giang clearly remembers the names of the generation of students through three periods of resistance to France against the United States and after the day of unification.

Teacher Le Duc Giang, who is Le Duc Giang remembers memories of students through photos.

Business students like children

Born in 1929, Le Duc Giang is the youngest son of Le Duc Trinh (born Cat Nhon, Phu Cat District, Binh Dinh Province). Le Duc Trinh, President of the Vietnam-American Front, was honored in 1945 as a patriotic figure. After graduating from high school, Giang joined the War of Resistance in 1951 and lectured at the Binh Dinh Provincial School for Composting and Agriculture.

In 1955, he surrendered to the north, teaching the southern school in Hai Phong. In southern schools of masters, about half of the students have parents who stay on the other side. When contacted, shut down and teach children, teacher Giang feels like living in the intestinal affection of family members. That's why he likes students like his children, grandchildren.

"At that time, students in the south called teachers, cadres, employees with two words" she, uncle, "and we call grandchildren." Thanks to that, nostalgia for the homeland, family in the domain. In the end, I was relieved, "Luong recalled.

After four years of teaching for the South, in 1959, Le Duc Giang was sent to study at the historical faculty of the University of Education, Hanoi. In 1961, after graduation, teacher Giang was in charge of lecturing at the Nguien Gia Thieu Gymnasium in the Gia Lam district of Hanoi. Here he lectures on the history of 8th and 9th grade (10 years) and chapter 9B. The class consisted of 45 students and was led by Secretary General and State President Nguyen Phu Trong.

"Not only good, good in learning, Trong also has the talents of fluid, conviction and humility." When it rains, Trong often sleeps in the room for the night, so that the teacher's feelings become more and more important to this day, every time I come to Binh Dinh , every time I meet Trong, I will be resurrected to learn 60 years ago, "Giang said of the Secretary General – President Nguyen Phu Trong.

Teacher Le Duc Giang, who is Secretary General – President Nguyen Phu Trong during the visit of Mr. Le Duc Giang.

With students, "strict" does not need to "cut"

In 1964, Le Duc Giang returned to Kuang Nam to continue teaching in the resistance zone until the day of liberation to the south and the unification of the country. After the liberation, teachers and teachers as Vice-Presidents of the College in Ku Nhon; In 1980 he was Director of the High School of Education Binh Dinh (now Binh Dinh). In 1986 he retired.

After retirement, Giang continued to focus on studio and promotional activities in the fourth quarter, Ngo Mai Ward, where he lived until 2011. During that time he contributed to helping the neighborhood. The title of the Study Promotion Zone has become a bright place in the study and promotional activities of Kui Nhon Citia. At present, although not participating in any organization, it always deals with and monitors education reform and training.

Continuing 45 years of teaching in three periods, the teacher Le Duc Giang has participated in many generations of students, many of whom have been successful. They spread throughout the region, contributed to the construction and development of the country, the country. Currently, many students have important positions in the Party and Central Government bodies.

Recently, in May 2018, former South Vietnamese students gathered in Ku Nhon Citi to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Le Duc Giang. The old man was happy and considered him one of the happiest things in his life. Over the years, many of the former students who came to him, many of whom responded to the leadership of their students, returned home to express their gratitude for it.

"With students I am very serious, but never engraved, it is strictly for students to discipline discipline, but even when the teacher is upset, this is not good. In addition, you must know how to love students as your children. are high "- teaching teachers.

Teacher Le Duc Giang said that learning now differs from the old days. Before learning hard knowledge, follow the curriculum, now teaching how to have student skills and knowing how to apply knowledge learned in practice. However, while teaching at any time, the teacher must always love and respect the students. Le Duc Giang said that the teacher overcame, defeating the students wrongly. It only makes students fear and hatred, instead of being respected.

The head of education must be an example

When he discussed the current state of education, teacher Le Duc Giang said that with negative questions in the examination it was not unusual that there was not much of the subsidy period. "It's important that the treatment be thorough and detailed." Educational leaders at all levels need to be transparent, set an example and have effective solutions to prevent negative, create an environment. The school is healthy, honest and real, "Giang said.

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