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"Thai" Thailand can be eliminated

Thursday, November 15th, 2012 00:05 (GMT + 7)

Thai team won 7-0 in group stage B. However, in front of the defending champions in this area, three opponents are very dangerous and unpredictable.

Video game Timor Leste – Thailand (copyrighted videos by Nekt Media, broadcast on VTC):

AFF Cup 2018 It's exciting, exciting and not less dramatic. Group B is difficult to predict when it is out of Timor Leste too weak, and the remaining four teams including Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia with three points.

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Thailand faced three very tough games

Thailand and the Philippines have the advantage of playing the game. Meanwhile, Indonesia lost from Singapore, while Singapore lost in the Philippines (both defeated Timore Leste). So, the next team 3 will be a milestone for the big league.

Thailand temporarily crosses the table with the +7 mark. The second game, the Golden Temple team, played a home for Indonesia (17/11). In theory, Thailand has too many advantages for expanding the winning car. However, Indonesia is not allowed with white hands because they are at the foot of the wall.

Indonesia after a disappointing defeat in Singapore (0-1) won the victory in the evening of 13/11. Three goals against Timor Leste to help the island's island team restore confidence. The experience of Brazil's 37-year-old Brazilian attacker will be "a weapon" to help Indonesia to raise hope.

After touching Indonesia for 4 days, Thailand will have the most difficult operations. The Philippines, under the guidance of veteran trainer Eriksson and the natural star system, proved the danger of battle. Before Singapore is well organized, the Philippines is a modern, solid game. They do not give the opponent any chance before the penalty.

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Philippines and Singapore have the potential to hit the beach

It can be said that the Philippines is the most valuable and most visible opponent of Thailand in Group B. They have Cardiff City goalkeepers in the Premiership, Captain Iounghusband and many European players. With every element, Coach Eriksson has enough experience to find victory at home.

In the third round, the Philippines will have many opportunities to win the Timor Leste (17/11). In the fourth round, if the Philippines wins over Thailand (21/11), Eriksson's teacher will outstrip the lead with 9 points absolutely (3-point strike). In the meantime, Thailand has a maximum of 6 points (in case of a victory in Indonesia in the previous 3).

The final opponent is waiting Thailand is Singapore. This team will also have three points against Timor Leste in the third round to meet with 6 points like Thailand. So, the possibility that the Bangkok 25/11 match will be a "final" match with two teams. And in the battle for life and death, no one dares to confirm Thailand will beat Singapore to pass the group stage.

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Schedule the rest of group B

Hit 3 (Singapore holiday)

Thailand – Indonesia (18h30, 17/11)

Timor Leste – Philippines (19h, 17/11)

Hit 4 (holiday in Indonesia)

Philippines – Thailand (18h30, 21/11)

Singapore – Timor Leste (18h30, 21/11)

Hit 5 (Timor Leste Break)

Thailand – Singapore (19h, 25/11)

Indonesia – Philippines (19h, 25/11)

AFF Cup tickets

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