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The comedy bi paid a debt of 300 VND to the bank, with a delay of almost 1,000 days of customers


The story of the tragic trip of Phan Thanh Tung (Hanoi) to an important automotive and motorcycle forum has received nearly 6,000 times of interest, with more than 1,000 comments.

According to Mr. Tung, I recently received a notice from the bank (Linh Dam Branch, Hanoi) about the opening of credit cards here with a total outstanding balance of 196 dong and a late payment of 968 days (up to March 31, 2019), along with Mr. Tung's request "to pay off the debt completely to avoid the unfortunate disadvantages of previous debt."

Mr. Tung was also surprised when the VND 196 debt balance was even included in the Credit Information Center (CIC) at level 5 debt.

    The comedy bi pays a debt of 300 VND to the bank, with a delay of almost 1,000 days of customers - Photo 1.

The amount of money required by the Thanh Tung bank is 300 VND.

Recalling the pending loan generation process, Mr. Tung said, after opening a credit card to the bank, he did not use it. However, after two years, you must pay more than one million dollars to keep the card.

"This debt I paid through Internet banking a few years ago. I thought the payment was completed, now the bank sent a VND196 debt notice and a fine of VND5, the bank said at VND300," he said. said Mr Tung.

Due to special debt, Mr. Tung had to earn 2 VND 200 bills to pay directly to the bank on April 11.

"The bank told me to pay 300 VND, I paid 400 VND. It is probably the biggest transaction in my life," said Mr. Tung.

Although Phan Thanh Tung said that it is an obligation and that it does not feel too annoying when the bank is asked, many comments on its history suggest that the bank should manage its debts in a flexible manner . too small as the previous case.

"The amount is too small to transfer it, but on the bank it is really a long time for both parties. Well, it's a lesson to pay more attention when opening a credit card," said Phi Hoai Thanh. point of view.

The history of Mr. Tung of just a few hundred dong also caused many people to be surprised, because so far it was too vague in terms of terms and rates to open credit cards, as well as checking bad debts (personal CIC).

Even many people said that when the credit institution refuses to lend a new loan, it is known that the bad debt is in the bank.

"To avoid falling into bad debts such as Mr. Tung, every payment period is a little more, it is more than redundant, the bank dominates the right amount of money, but to affect its CIC it is very difficult to borrow capital," he said. Mr Tran Thanh To expressed his opinion.

Currently, to expand the market share, commercial banks have attractive promotions, free opening of credit cards and annual quota in the first year for customers.

However, even if there is no need to use it, customers still have to incur additional costs, such as annual fees and maintenance of the account during the following years or some installments for not paying off the credit card debt of credit. in time.

Most of the current lines of credit card market have an annual quota of approximately 100,000 VND plus 1 million VND / year. The most popular and most used card lines have a common rate of less than VND 500,000 / year.

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