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The dish made many people shudder and cried and escaped just because it was too … true – 24-hour kitchen


Saturday, January 19, 2019 19:00 (GMT +7)

If one looks at it, everyone thinks it's a newly born baby, but the truth is not.

A Japanese restaurant in China suddenly became unexpectedly famous when the dining rooms competed to share food. It should be mentioned here that most people feel very scared, many women escape when you have just taken the food. This is a very special dish that many people still do not know about.

Japan is famous for sashimi, sushi and fried dishes. Some Chinese were curious about trying Japanese cuisine, so it came to a Japanese restaurant to enjoy. This restaurant specializes in selling rice with Tonkatsu fried bread.

The dish made many people shudder and weep and run just because ... really - 1

After enthusiastically introducing some of the best dishes in the store, they chose a few copies. About 20 minutes of waiting, the waiter took out a bowl of pork mint soup, everyone saw "panic" because he had a snowy pig floating in the interior. Everyone thinks that the pork miso soup is a pork cut, not unexpected. Too scared, many people only dare to take pictures but do not dare to eat.

The dish made many people tremble and called and ran just because ... really - 2

After seeing the client's face, the waiter quickly explained that it was not a real pig, but it was only dusty, but the shape was quite similar, so it could confuse many people. To quote what I said was true, the assistant suggested that the pig was cut, it was just inside the dust.

The dish made many people tremble and wept and ran just because ... really - 3

In addition, the store also has a Tonkatsu fried bread, but instead of a piece of pork, it is now a fried pig. Many observers admit that it is too similar.

The dish made many people tremble and wept and ran just because ... really - 4

Although this idea is very good, many people feel scared and do not feel hungry, they think they eat a piglet fetus. Many guests said they would never order this again.

The ideas are

The floating bubble was tied with a tight string on this table, which turned out to be a dessert …

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