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The divorce is still common, Tim is not afraid of "shooting near the straw" with Zhang Kiong because


Saturday, 17.11.2013 13:15 (GMT + 7)

"What I get today is just cause and effect," said the singer.

The team first appeared in front of the media when he participated in the play.

At a private meeting with us, the singer also had a very honest part about breaking up marriage with Zhang Kiong. One father acknowledged, although it was broken, the possibility that "love from the beginning" between him and Zhang Kiong is still open.

– The last time, Tim is almost "overwhelmed" by Vietnamese music. Is the emotional noise that scares him to appear publicly?

It is true that in the last year I was completely absent from games and small and big entertaining events. I was just focusing on the scriptwriters and quietly going out every night. Appearing at the time of the sensation, he only published a public opinion about my life. Now that everything is over, I'm ready to go back to art and I want the audience to see my skills.

– So, after a year away from shovba, what is the mood of the Team now? Will you share your life freely?

Yes, I feel very happy and comfortable. I can put my mind, time into art.

However, I still do not want to respond to the press about my family for fear of affecting my son Sushi. After growing up, my son will most likely read the news about his parents, not to mention that friends at school will ask questions, tease, … it will affect the mind. The reason for the baby.

Not long ago, I acknowledged the fact that Mr. Truong Kuynh Anh was split on his own page because he was tired of rumors and speculations. I do not want to go too far, instead of quiet, I want to make it clear once about their current relationship.

A divorce that still lives, Tim does not fear the fire near the straw. with Truong Kuinh Anh for this reason - 1

He was absent from shovbiz during last year because he does not want to appear in the middle of a storm of divorce from Mr. Truong Kuinh Anh.

– By declaring itself farewell, but still living together, it has led many people to doubt that his previous noise and Truong Kuinh are just a "known name" scenario?

Did the divorce not end? Kuinh Anh and I both have children together, why can not we live together and behave in a civilized way?

Every tree, every house in every scene, I just expect the audience to realize that all my decisions and Kuinh Anh went out for the kids. If we live only for ourselves, the separation of the house will make the children drown suffering from the lack of love for their mother or father. So, although divorce, but me and Truong Kuinh still behave very civilized.

We lived together for many years, we had children together and made a wedding certificate, but between me and Kuinh Anh still do not have a real wedding. We celebrate, the wedding is held open, and the young and the groom hold their hands together in the new hallway really important.

Although the two had signed divorce papers, but for me it was just a non-living panel. To tell the truth, I Kuinh Anh is divorced because of the desire of adults, especially Kuinh Anh family satisfied. This is my honest division.

Although she is not a married couple in the name, Kuinh Anh is still my best friend. Except for taking care of each other, we strongly support our work. We do not appear together, does not mean we hate.

A divorce that still lives, Tim does not fear the fire near the straw. with Truong Kuinh Anh for this reason - 2

Despite their divorce, Tim and Truong Kuinh Anh still live in the same house and care for their son.

– The team shared, the reason he signed the divorce documents with Zhang Kiong because he wants to satisfy his family. Is that the main reason why these two break up?

Actually, this is just a small part. People think that our relationship is very stressful, but not really.

The divorce between me and Truong Kuinh Anha is very gentle. Sometimes she blamed me: "I married where divorce was required." We went to court and signed a form that he expected of his parents. But after that, we continue to go together to eat together, and we are still happily leading children to play as a normal family.

Frankly, then I felt very upset, very painful because I never had such a case. Not to mention, male narcissism is so great that I do not want to accept the truth.

But after a detailed thought, I realized that all this was justified by me. Not to mention my husband, father, who met Truong Kuinh Anh, I did not fulfill my boyfriend's duty. What I get today is just cause and effect.

In any case, everyone has gone through and I do not want to remember the unfortunate past. The only thing I want now is to look into the future and spend all the time, the commitment of art.

A divorce that still lives, Tim does not fear the fire near the straw. with Truong Kuinh Anh for this reason - 3

The singer acknowledges that he and Kuinh Anh are divorced as "the cause and effect" of themselves.

– So your son can feel the divorce of his parents?

No, since then everything in my family has never changed. We still go together, we still care about children, because there is no separation at all.

Even this time, I better understand Kuinh Anh. Sometimes I continue to launch an initiative to hold my hand – something I did not do before.

In the past, our ego was great, we were always selfish and we rarely worried about our feelings. Now we know more about sharing, not just in life, but also in work. If I go to a meeting with someone else, nobody can understand me with Kuin Anh, because we were together for seven, eight years and we understand well about the character and work of the enemy.

– Goodbye, but still in the same house, do not be afraid of "shooting near the straw of a long day"?

Has it ever been shut down? Why do people think that the couple is divorced? Which Kuinh Anh and me ever liked me?

At the moment, the relationship between me and Truong Kuinh Anh is very pleasant. But we will no longer appear in any program or event, we do not want people to talk too much about their love affairs.

Later, if the two of us still have charms and debts together, whether we have "love from the beginning" or not, it is not unpredictable.

A divorce that still lives, Tim does not fear the fire near the straw. with Truong Kuinh Anh for this reason - 4

A male singer left the open ability "love from the beginning" with Zhang Kiong.

– If the two are no longer long, He or Truong Kuinh Anh creates feelings for a new person, then how will they face when they live together under one roof?

If it really happened, surely me and Truong Kuinh will not hide from each other, we are ready to live and admit to the enemy if one of them finds a new love. But this did not happen, I never thought I loved someone else, so it's best to answer my heart.

– So, the feeling that the Kuinh Kuinh Anh Team is still the same?

Emotions are the emotions that come from the interior, lying in the heart of the heart, they can not publicly say that everyone knows. If a man expresses too much emotion outside, they are unlikely to speak honestly.

– In addition to taking care of the Sushi baby, how do you and Mr. Kuinh Anh support you?

When I decided to go back to shovbiz and participate in TV games, Kuinh Anh gave me a lot of advice and support mentally. By contrast, three new MVs Kuinh Anh are also targeted at me. She has money, I will do it, but because of her close relationship, I will do it at a special price (laughs).

– Thanks for sharing!

To live together after the divorce, Truong Kuinh Anh was boiling this, Tim cordial?

Whether at home or on the street, Truong Kuinh Anh attracts men because of being too sexy.

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