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The higher the sound quality, the better


Mali Cuba – son Khanh Thi and Phan Hien

Parents follow professional Dancesport, so from early childhood, Khanh Thi son and Phan Hien – Babi Cuba inherited this legacy. Currently, Cuba is only 3 years old, but she can dance to music. On his own site, Khanh Thi-Phan Hien also regularly posted clips that recorded their improvised performances and were always shy of the audience. Though a bit embarrassing, forget the song during the performance but extremely beautiful.

Khanh Thi once said that she and her husband had given a son to the gym or Dansport classes to meet. Owing to the exposure to the environment, Dancesport often dances to students of Khanh Thi-Phan Hien from small children. However, Khanh Thi-Phan Hien still has a future orientation for his son based on his interests, his true passion.

KuBi Khanh Thi dance melody, wonderful

The beautiful male star: The higher the quality of the stars is not inferior to the parents - Figure 2.

Often exposed to the dance environment, Cuba baba soon discovered the natural talent.

Nice male star: The higher the quality of the stars, the better.

Little rabbit – the daughter of supermodel Ksuan Lan

Five years later, but the daughter Ksuan Lan is commented on as "temperament," promising to promote fashion in style in the future and style enough to enchant many people. Not only that, he also often climbs "qualitatively", with steps flexible, reliable rather impressive. Through recording footage of performance of pajamas in real life, Ksuan Lan is often shared on social networks, and the time she does on professionals on a pedestrian route has proven enough "son of the family". Even stylish, expressive in front of the hinge lens, is no less a professional child model.

Clip: Ksuan Lan daughter is a professional runway

Beautiful male star: The higher the quality of the stars is not inferior to the parents - Figure 5.

Few rabbits were brought on a pedestrian on the runway from a very young age.

So far, he has had the opportunity to perform on a catwalk and is always impressed with a professional attitude.

American English – divorced daughter Mi Linh and Anh Kuan

My Anh – the youngest daughter of Mi Linh – the musician Anh Kuan is also not known as the "son of the family", when early childhood revealed a musical talent. In addition to having good vocals, American English also has the ability to pronounce it natural.

In August of the same year, my anh published his first album of eight songs that she recorded since childhood for up to 14 years. At that time, the voice of the United States was considered uncomfortable, but it still surpassed many young singers, with the possibility of feeling very special feelings. However, recently at a press conference, the United States said that he did not think about his mother's career or not because he still only knows how to love music.

Before my daughter, Mi Linh – Anh Kuan supports. Diva Mi Linh said: "Ana follows my father's profession, so I'm very happy about the American participation in my mother's profession, and yesterday I sent my grandfather a song for singing." I agree with you, my job is to let him decide for himself . "

Nice male star: The higher the quality of the stars, the better.

American English (coming out of the box) is expected to provide a singing career for his outstanding musical ability.

Nice male star: The higher the quality of the stars, the better.

USA He performed with his mother on the big stage and they all created sympathy for the audience by singing high, great and very good musical ability.

In addition to the United States, daughter Anne Truong Mi Linh and Anhu Kuan also participated in art, launched a number of musical products. But shortly thereafter, she soon realized her passion to become a music producer and decided to study abroad.

Beckham – the eldest son of Kieu and Trizzia

Beckham (the Vietnamese name is Bang Phuong) is the "sweet" first love between Biao Kiao and his former wife Trizzi Phuong Trinh. Since being a kid, Beckham has been exposed to the gifted music of both parents. By the way, Kieu also said, among the three boys, that Beckham is the best music sensation and has a special passion for dancing.

In 2017, Beckham passed the Huntington Beach Academy of Performing Arts in California, USA, specializing in guitar. She is known as an art school in the United States, studied by many international stars. With the guidance of his son who studied at the art school, Bang Kieu also encouraged his eldest son to follow the artistic path.

A beautiful young star: The higher the quality of the stars, the better.

They expected a charismatic look, talented musicians from their youth, the oldest son Biao Kiao and Trizzie Fang are expected soon in professional art.

Beautiful young star: The higher the quality of the star, the better.

Every time he played with his father, Beckham was "fascinated" by the crowd.

Nice male star: The higher the sound of the star, the better the stars.

At this moment, many viewers also recognize that Beckham is no different from a true artist.

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