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The hot questions sent by parliamentarians to "break" education


Saturday, 11.10.2013 17:00 (GMT + 7)

Poor attending school; The law should prohibit or restrict the education of those who monitor results or achievements; Teacher salaries are insufficient to support the body, examinations are negative, high school exams or not to avoid losing … the issues discussed by parliamentarians when commenting on a draft amending law Education present at the session of the National Assembly.

Education for the hot topic set by parliamentarians - 1

It is necessary to create discipline for children, learning is finished. Illustrative photos

Graduation of almost 100% does not need to hold an exam

In the National High School, Pham Van Hoa (Dong Thap) said that the method should be calculated accordingly, and not the reaction, negative for a large number of people, voters support people.

"Not to mention negativity in some provinces, not only where it was discovered, but other places do not know how, but in a way that is not so good," commentator ĐB Hoa said. Mr. Hoa, if graduation results in high school are almost 100%, so you should not be detained for recruiting secondary school, but recruited from grade 10, 11, 12, to get you a degree, less money and time.

The college entrance exam must be the same as before. They think they are good at studying, they are good at learning at universities. And children do not see thread for kids, children learn ..

"So, not losing resources and school are easy to enroll. The university effect is also better," Hoa said.

Laws should prohibit, or restrict, education to track the outcome

Lam Dinh Thang (HCMC) said that overload, the achievements of disease in education today. He said this should be overcome when it's law. "Many students are now tired of learning, overloading, losing interest in learning. Laws should be forbidden, or education restricted by results and achievements.

Children are not able to learn themselves, parents need to study a new position, very unhappy, "said MD Lam Dinh Thang.

Bui Van Phuong (Ninh Binh) said that the law stipulates that children are in first grade 6 years, 6 years in junior class and 11 years in junior class, or 15 years. Self-confidence Although this depends on how a student evaluates, it is not mandatory for a class. "That means he's still sick," he stressed.

Studying is also an obligation

Dr. Truong Trong Nghia (HCMC) should not think that students should go to school must be fun, must play. Studying is also a task, to create a discipline for students to complete the course. Dan Tran Hoang Ngan (HCMC) asked the question: "Why are public school students afraid to go to school? International students go to school very happy"? He suggested that the program should be reduced, increased educational abilities and improved educational experience.

"Teachers' salaries are not enough for life, negative limits and not very fragile

Representative Pham Khanh Phong Lan (HCMC) commented on the regime for teachers.

She said that forbidden behavior was not allowed to force students to learn about extra money. The rule is unclear: if teachers are sufficiently guaranteed to live, they do not teach. As far as teachers' salaries are concerned, it is necessary to clearly state what teacher salaries are, which is several times greater than the minimum wage, and not the general rule as it is in the law, will not be feasible.

There should be clear, specific proposals, because teacher salaries are currently not enough to support the family, not to mention the family. When earnings are not enough for survival, teachers and educational institutions will be able to manage their own way of life, with the boundaries between the negative and non-existent very fragile. "

Lan claims that teachers and educational institutions must have a mechanism for securing decent income, rather than dealing with revenue from air conditioning, projectors … which is still called abstraction. .

Cao Dinh Thuong (Phu Tho) said that student satisfaction index, parents' satisfaction with education is not high. The Prophet said that they wanted to have a good teacher. The old team teacher must be replaced by a new teacher. 4.0. In order to replace it, there must be a system of pedagogical schools, attract good students to a pedagogical school, but this has failed.

The Ministry of Education has issued regulations on the treatment of sex workers

The Ministry of Education and Training withdrew and admitted that the draft circular rule on student work regulations was a mistake.

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