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The life of a star of a giant in a villa, dozens of cars is a default

A song of a long-time car wagon, a car to show model 1

Bao Chung was one of the successful comedians and had a life with him "free to eat without worry about anything" in the 1990s. Life is well-adjusted, born in 1955, passion for cars. At its peak, it had 38 cars, becoming the most interesting artist of that time.

A song of a long windmill, a car to a second generation

The source of money for Bao Chung luxury super sports is largely derived from real estate. He said, initially just buy 1 -2 property for it, see the prices and then make a profit. Later she was in business, so she did not expect a drop in failure. Falling into bankruptcy has caused his ruin. At the same time, he received a call from Van Son outside the United States comedy comedy. In 2000, Bao Chung moved to America. After eight years of leaving Vietnam, a 63-year-old comedy has a stable life in America with its family.

A song of a long wind tunnel, a car that will present the model 3

Even abroad, the actor still has a passion for playing cars.

Song of long winds, car to picture 4

In the United States, comedian Bao Chung owns many cars, expensive and rare. Although he did not share the value of the collection, Bao Chung discovered his most expensive car, and his favorite is the Ferrari 430 Spider. Launched in 2007 in the Italian automobile market for $ 220,000.

The song of collectors of wagon cars, cars that will present the new model 5

Another car that he liked was the Audi TT 2 seat red convertible. The car debuted at the Paris Motor Show in Paris for $ 37,900, or $ 48,728.

The song of a long wind tunnel, a car that will present 6

Located in the United States, but Chung Chung mostly in Vietnamese performances. In 2017, he was in Vietnam for 11 months due to too many shows and calls from the organizers. In the picture is comedy with hot girl Mai Tho in the movie "General War" with Vuong Bearom.

A song of long-wind wagon collectors, a car to show seven models

Comedian Bao Chung made a photo with communist Cong Nguyen when he went north to record and perform. Bao Chung shares, US $ 2,000 for 2 days weekend. He does not pursue his aspiration to earn money, but it is important to do the job.

Song of a long wind tunnel, a car to show picture 8

From the veteran actor of Vietnam cinema, Chinh Tin invests in the business. However, the business does not like to cause Nguien Thanh Luan's movie "Flip Flip" to fall in the flipside scene, allocated to repaying domestic debt.

Song of a long wind farm, a car to the top of figure 9

At this point, the life of Chan Tin and her husband stabilized, threatening through difficult times earlier. However, at the age of 66, he still had to lean back, making full use of filming and participating programs.

The song of a long wind tunnel has a car up to the first 10

Chanh Tin sits on the "Listen to me sing" assessment panel with singer Phuong Dung, singer of the Thai Chau. In the era of the U70, veteran artists want only to live peacefully, and do not care about the debt.

A song of a long wagon, there is a car that will show 11

In 2017, great artist Chanh Tin plays a small role in Victor Loui bau. He said that he did a lot, tired, but he still had to live. Earlier, Chanh Tin opened the pub, but at the beginning of 2017 he and his wife left, because both are not enough.

The song of the long-standing collection viet has a car to show its picture 12

From the artist, Phuoc Sang turned to business and became a famous "manager", reached with a house, a wife, and a wonderful child. In 2012, after the event of non-fulfillment of obligations due to the inviolability of real estate, he had to sell the house, falling into white. A few years later, Phuoc Sang and Kim Thu also divorced.

A song of a long wind tunnel, a car to the top of a car

In June, Phuoc Sang unexpectedly re-released the scene when he participated in the Sao Star show to support his son, Ha Linh. In his completely skinny, shirt is still a sad father, walking hard for arthritis. (His father died on October 27, 2017). This is rarely a "boss" that appears after a life event.

The song of a long wind tunnel, the car to show the model 14

In an interview in 2017, Phuoc Sang said he made plans to repay in 5 years. After more than four years, he paid 80%. Currently, Phuoc Sang is still actively writing the script. At the age of 47, Phuoc Sang admits to fighting for a career from scratch. However, he is convinced that he can do so.

Song of the long-awaited series of songs, including a car that shows his picture 15

Recently, Phuoc Sang Limited appears in front of the media. He only contributed to occasional fatalities or fellow colleagues. Phuoc sang with Kuien Linh and his colleagues on the anniversary of the death of Le Cong Tuan Anha.

The song of long-time vietnam tuna has a car to show its picture 16

The Thui Nga comedy has also fallen into debt up to 7 billion due to the failure of business. At the same time, marriage broke down Thui Nga collapse. Thui Nga said, for many nights she was white for worry about how to repay debts. Back to America, she made a show, to take care of A to Z, from ticket to script, dresses.

The song of a long windmill collector, a car to show the model 17

After a while, thanks to her hard work, she saved her debt to build up everything from scratches. Thui Nga owns a villa in the United States and a house worth nearly 6 billion in Vietnam.

The song of a long windmill, a car that will show 18 years

Thui Nga now lives calmly with her beautiful daughter.

Song of a long windy collector, car to 19

At the age of 42, she is commented on to become more youthful and beautiful.

The song of the long-time collection has a car that will show 20

In addition to her work in the US, Thui Nga regularly performs in Vietnam. She has recently been engaged in the film "3D Bov Center" and many other short films, sitcoms.

At the end,

From the famous singer, Siu Black put his debt into his stomach. The scandal makes the life of a forest painter change completely. It rarely appears on the stage or in the place of music.

The song of a long-time car wagon, a car to the top of the show

Appearing on a television show in March, Siu Black took over fans when they seemed to be skinned, darker skin than before. The singer acknowledged that he had lost weight in the past, even if he had eaten a lot, he could not get weight.

A song of a long windy collector, a car to show its picture 23

Siu Black and singer Kuang Ha photographed memories in the last part of last year's male singer. After the event, she moved to her own country. He does not live in the city, he does not have much opportunity to perform in front of the audience. She spends time with her family every day, caring for grandchildren and taking care of her family. Occasionally, occasionally, I want to go back to the scene.

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