Sunday , May 16 2021

The Malaysian striker laughs at the mention of an enlightened man

Just relax a few hours after you came to Vietnam, the players of the Malaysian team started training at the Mi Dinh National Football Camp in the night (14/11). Here, the senior attacker Norshahrla Idlan Bin Talah made a brief interview with the press. Recorded by Sports Reporter 247.

"I always remember the AFF Cup 2014, which is a good memory. I am happy to have a goal to contribute to Malaysia and I hope that this match will be repeated this time, "Talaha said proudly at the tournament where Vietnam hosted Singapore four years ago.

Four years ago, Bin Talaha faced Nguyen Van Kuiet from Dong Van. Then the resolution is Van Young, and Bin Talaha is just a "double side" in the team. On this return, two strikers will face again, but in the other mind, both are older, influential brothers in the team. So, when he mentioned the Decision, the attacker expressed his excitement and smiled.

"I know the player number 10, he was young, but he grew up wearing a captain's tape. Like myself, he is one of the most experienced players in the team, as well as a young player. The next match will be interesting when I face again. "

After a training session last night (14/11), Malaysia also has a rehearsal at the Mi Dinh Stadium tonight (15/11). Earlier this morning, Malaysia will also send representatives to attend the official press conference with Vietnam before the game. Sports News 247 will also continue to monitor and update information quickly and send it to its readers.

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