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The man was beaten by the "strange object" of the Linh prison apartment Real estate


The incident occurred at 19:00 on January 27 at the HH1C apartment building (belonging to the Dam HH Linh Dam apartment complex, in the Hoang Liet neighborhood, in the neighborhood of Hoang Mai, to Hanoi).

"The 40-year-old man is sitting to drink water when he is suddenly hit by a stone on the upper floor of the house, and there are some stones scattered under the garden," the witness said.

This person also follows, as soon as the incident happened, the residents told the management to clarify.

The incident caused many residents of the HH Linh Dam to be somewhat angry. Before, The situation of "strange objects" that falls from the sky to the HH Linh Dam apartment building is no longer unusual.

Drink water in the condominium of the Linh Dam, the man run over by one Cut the knives from the 11th floor of the Dam de Linh apartment (Hoang Mai, Hanoi).
Drink water in the condominium of the Linh Dam, the man run over by one Material buckets falling from floor 41 of building HH1C entered the roof of a restaurant below the Dam de Linh apartment, causing many inhabitants to be confused.

Prior to that, on 8/2014, while doing the waterproofing treatment line for the HH1C home building, the neglected worker dropped the material spoon from floor 41, penetrating the roof of a restaurant downstairs, fortunately The incident did not hurt anyone.

On the 28/7/2018, in the area of ​​HH Linh Linh also passed the case of 1 can of unopened beer that falls from the high floor to the store of noodles below that caused that the girl of 5 years obtained a piece of bowl on his thigh, bloody.

Or, at the beginning of August 2017, in a building of HH2B apartments, there was a rather serious case when both the cutting board and the large knife "flown" from floor 11 and fortunately no one he was hurt.

Residents proposed that local authorities, investors and residential management authorities establish rules, regulations and solutions to ensure the safety of people (they require 100% door construction). grid). "The situation of falling from above up to this alt will have a late or hour killing," many residents worry.

Drink water in the condominium of Linh Dam, the man who was hit by one

Workers fall into the basement during construction

When the group of workers is building the building project on Nguyen Van Linh Street, the Hai Chau district, Mai Van Tong (35 years old, a hometown of Quynh Luu, Nghe An) falls into the basement. The rescue force quickly reached the scene, the victim was transferred to a hospital of emergency in a state of gravity.

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