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The most outstanding policies take effect from May


Students should not comment on the online school; False accusations, officials can be criminally handled.

Download black smoke bus on Hanoi street. Photo: Khanh Chi

Download black smoke bus on Hanoi street. Photo: Khanh Chi

Cars under the age of 20 are subject to new emission standards

As of May 15, Government Decision No. 16/2019 establishes the roadmap for the application of emission standards for used cars engaged in imported cars and used cars. Consequently, production cars from 1999 to the end of 2008 apply the standard level 2 emissions as of January 1, 2021. The cars produced after 2008 apply the level 2 from 1/20/2020.

With imported old cars, the standard when the pressure is unloaded is level 4 as of 5/2019. Gasoline and diesel engines produced before 1999 continue to apply level 1 emissions regulations.

According to current regulations, only manufactured, assembled and imported cars must apply level 4 and level 5 emission standards; The rest of vehicles that are applying level 1 is the lowest level.

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High-level students will learn invasive prevention skills

Circular 05/2019 will take effect from May 21 of the Ministry of Education and Training that regulates the list of minimum 1st grade education equipment, including materials for teaching skills. Invasion prevention.

A free prevention class for abuse by Da Nang teachers. Photo: Nguyen Dong.

A free prevention class for abuse by Da Nang teachers. Photo: Nguyen Dong.

The list of minimum grade 1 education teams published along with Circular 05, Ministry of Education, requires a set of images on abuse prevention, helping students build their ability to explore knowledge through close, apply to real life; The set includes 2 illusions of abuse prevention.

An image illustrates the rules to protect the body of boys and girls with the words "Remember. Do not let anyone touch and touch the body covered by underwear. Unless the student has to be seen by a doctor ". ..

Candidates with a secondary professional qualification will obtain a maximum of 2 high school graduation points

As of May 23, Circular 03/2019 of the Ministry of Education and Training modifies the National High School Examination Regulations, indicating that high school students, general education students have certificates of vocational training, high school diplomas Professional get priority points when considering high school graduation.

In particular, the candidates are allowed to earn 2 points if they are classified with a certificate of excellence or excellent and excellent with an intermediate degree; plus 1.5 points if it is classified fairly well with a professional certificate, good and medium with good diploma; Add 1 point for an average rating.

Students can not comment on the bad educational environment

The Circular 06/2019 of the Ministry of Education and Training will take effect from May 28 and prescribe the Code of Conduct for pre-school education institutions, general education establishments and continuing education establishments. As a result, students do not wear offensive dresses; Do not smoke, use alcoholic beverages, prohibit substances in educational institutions as provided by law. The rule also requires that students not participate in social ills; Do not use social networks to spread, spread and comment on information or images that are contrary to customs and habits, contrary to the guidelines, policies and laws of the Party State or adversely affect the educational environment. sex; Do not harm health, honor, self-dignity, others, and the prestige of the group.

False accusations, officials can be handled criminally

As of May 28, Decree no. 31/2019 of the Government details some articles and measures to apply the Law of denunciation, specifying measures to deal with the whistleblowers who are civil servants, civil servants and civil servants.

Consequently, civil servants, officials and civil servants must be, by nature, the scope and rape, disciplined or examined for criminal liability if the following facts are committed: Knowing the complaint is not true, but We still denounce it many times or we know that the case has resolved in accordance with the policies and laws, but that it still often denounces evidence to show the content of the complaint; coerce, attract, incite, seduce, bribe others to make false statements; Use the name of another person to denounce internal disunity or affect the prestige and normal functioning of agencies, organizations and units.

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