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The reaction of Nhat Lee when criticized as the most beautiful girl on the bridge


Monday, January 28, 2019 00:06 (GMT +7)

The story revolves around Japan. Le, one hundred billion of the Hoai Linh church, Vuong Rau is the focus of attention on January 27.

24h HOT: Nhat Lee's reaction to the point of criticizing himself as the most beautiful team of the girls player: 1

As a girlfriend of the most preferred player in Vietnam, the Nhat Le – Quang Hai lover received a lot of attention from the public. However, it was also written by many Internet users about beauty and private life. In social networks, not many antifurts went directly to the personal page of Nhat Le to shoot and said that the girlfriend of Quang Hai has the best beauty of the competition.

Before the mixed comments, the friendly charm of your community, the bride of Quang Hai, responded. See more details of Nhat's Answer HERE.

24h HOT: Nhat Le's reaction to the point of criticizing herself as the girls' most beautiful group: 2

In showbiz Vietnam, Hoai Linh and Vuong Rau are two of the rarest artists who built the nest's church in hand. While artist Vuong Rau was the one who built the Thien Truong Vong Phu church, although the comedian did not reveal the exact figure, but considering the spacious construction, many people still guessed that it was a project expensive money It is not as extensive as the ancestral church of Hoai Linh, but this is also a place for many northern artists to visit the Tet festival or the ancestral anniversary.

24h HOT: Nhat Lee's reaction to criticism as the team's most beautiful doll player - 3

In South, the place most visited by the artists is none other than Ho Chi Minh's church organized by Hoai Linh in district 9, Ho Chi Minh City. It is known that this is also the work that artist Hoai Linh abandoned his enthusiasm, invested hundreds of billions to complete.

CLICK HERE to see the breadth and grandeur of the two largest patriarchal churches in the north and south.

24 h HOT: Nhat Lee's reaction to criticism of the most beautiful team of the girls player - 4

In the ninth part of the New Year comedy series, "The Great Land", recently, many viewers were very excited when the filmmaker intelligently incorporated many scandals of the Vietnamese showbiz into the movie. In particular, the most prominent to mention in detail "The butt of salution" remembers the scandal between the rocker Pham Anh Khoa and the Pham Lich, suspicion of 25 thousand dollars for prostitutes, even mentioning a set of Wonder Coc photos surprised Thu Dung's advertising.

How do the scandals in this hot Tet series mention? See more HERE.

24h HOT: Nhat Lee's reaction to criticism as the # 6 most beautiful child's team - 6

Although he denied the meeting and affirmed that he was only a good friend, Ho Quang Hieu and Bao Anh were constantly trapped by the audience and appeared together. Recently, the couple ended up appearing in the photo of the New Year show in Australia, even the fanatics discovered that the two "fighters" are registered together in one place, but they avoid taking photos together. .

The couple's movement has made the fans increase their hope and that both will regroup soon in the near future.

Click CLICK HERE to see more suspicious photos of Bao Anh and Ho Quang Hieu.

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The Hoai Linh family visited the theater group, the Van Lam award shook their song according to the song "As rumores" … much …

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