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The stars that proclaim a donation to save people not only have Shovbiz Truong Tri-Life


Monday, 19.11.2013. 10:00 (GMT + 7)

The noble act was supported by many Chinese stars and volunteers.

Truong Tri Lam

Recently, "Guo Jing" Truong Tri Lam decided to donate organs after death attracted the attention of the fans. This information is published by the actor on his personal site, with his organs and bone marrow being donated to medicine.

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Speaking of the causes of this wonderful act, the actor said: "Once I returned to Hong Kong for a movie, I got a letter saying that someone was answering my bones and needed support, I immediately contacted, but it was too late. I'm very sorry and sorry."

Even his wife, Ms. Bai Yu, also supports her husband honestly. At the same time, she discovered that she wanted to dedicate her husband's medicine to her. The couple was 17 years together. Before that, these two spent eight years of passionate love.

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Despite the great wealth of the film, the couple is still rented by 2015. On the occasion of the 14th anniversary of the wedding, the actor gave his wife a special worth of $ 1.5 million (about $ 34 billion) in Causeway Bay and another $ 900,000 (about $ 20 billion).

Manh Đinh Le

A beautiful actress lost her last breath at the hospital on February 6, 2016, due to the death of her brain after exhaustion.

After the death of Manh Dinh Leh, her father shared with her the reasons for her daughter's donation: "Man Jinh Le was in a coma for 11 days, the doctors in the hospital were dedicated to care, but they could not help. I hope that no one will meet in such a difficult situation, so we hope for our daughter Even death can help others."

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The story of Manh Dinh Leu created a widespread community effect, thanks to her organs, eight other patients were saved.

The cause of death was excessive, which led to a shock in the film school Fighting up! My Linh. Actor actress said: "My sister had a cold, which led to pneumonia, and she did not rest, so it fell into a state of respiratory insufficiency, high blood pressure and brain bleeding."

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According to Sina, Manh Dinh Le participated in two films at the same time, so she did not sleep for 24 hours. The authorities also investigated the actress's radio station for alleged requests from actors to work until 5 hours, but they still had to arrive at the office at 8 am, as usual. Many people even wake up to 7 or 8 days.

Manh Đinh Le, whose real name was Manh Tuong Le, was born in 1966 in Taiwan. Huong So Dai transmission, ghost, meet lang … In 1994 she took over the role of TV MC.

Iao Boi Na

Departure Iao Bo Na Viewers considered one of the biggest losses of the Chinese shovbiz. The singer has a special voice that makes it difficult for the listener to forget.

She began to notice the public after she won the first prize at a competition for singing on CCTV in 2008. In addition, he also performed the songs of the film Chan Truien, Tape, 2, 1942 …

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Since November 2011, Iao Boi Na has experienced breast cancer and began to radiate the therapy. However, the disease was more severe due to her hospitalization on December 26, 2014. Since that day, she has lost her consciousness and deep soul to her death on the afternoon of January 16, 2015.

Before the death, the singer did not forget to encourage her parents and fans not to be saddened by loss. Yao's last wish is to donate the cornea to the two patients who need it.

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On the evening of January 17, the Xinhua news agency announced that the 26-year-old man from Shenzhen received the Iaoi Bai Na cornea, followed by the pictures of the doctors who worked in the operation. Doctors, Dr Iuiao Xiaoming, said surgery took place at 2300 hours on January 16th and lasted for an hour with a successful male.

When Zhang Chenglin donated organs and bone marrow, Nghi Bai quickly spoke.

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