Saturday , February 27 2021

The two Chelsea defenders played four-hour chess to pass the time

The two Chelsea defenders played four-hour chess to pass the time

The pandemic affects all of humanity, England is no exception. Throughout the misty island nation, people were restricted from leaving home and contacting each other. The Premier League also recorded a number of positive cases that forced authorities to tighten regulations. This annoys the activities even for players who are busy practicing and playing.

Speaking about how to relax in his spare time, Chelsea rookie Chilwell said: “Viouslybviamente, it’s a very difficult time for everyone. I’m in a very lucky position to be able to go to work and get to know myself. eliminate classmates and friends and do whatever you want, but many people can’t and aren’t forced to stay home.

There are a few things I’ve found to keep me busy after training. There are some activities that keep your mind active and keep you focused during these difficult times.

Reece James and I chose to play chess together online. He won a few games, me too. We once played a match together during a four-hour flight back from Russia in a Champions League match.

I even asked my mom to buy me some chess books and a new chess board for Christmas. Those things really helped. “

Chilwell and James can continue to play chess with each other on their Champions League trips from February 23, when Chelsea will face Atlético in the 1/8 round. In the short term, they will have to travel with other teammates to move to Leicester Stadium tonight.

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