Saturday , June 19 2021

“They claim to be YouTuber and use tricks, all bad about food” –

  1. “They claim to be youtubers and use tricks, bad everything about food”
  2. YouTuber causes pain due to distorted reviews: Can’t distinguish broth from fish sauce, really call the Korean New Year “the real New Year”?Channel 14
  3. Top 5 phases of reviewing “go underground” by YouTuber Duy “Candles”: the owner of the culinary channel, but reviews the toilets and the …
  4. The “Review Hanoi cuisine” channel was booed for a series of videos with the wrong basic knowledge: pâté is shrimp paste, peanuts are beansMay
  5. What did the owner of the “Hanoi Pho” channel say that netizens scolded for lack of knowledge accusing them of being “rhetorical destroyers”?Channel 14
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