Wednesday , August 4 2021

Thousands of fake baby laundry products were confiscated

Market control confiscated more than 2,400 cans of children’s laundry detergent for the Dnee brand and forged Comfort softener at a factory in Soc Son district (Hanoi).

The General Department of Market Management said on April 6 that a production plant of Asia T&T Cosmetics Co., Ltd. was reviewed. in Cho Nga village (Thanh Xuan commune, Soc Son district, Hanoi), the market management team no. 17 (Hanoi) Department of Market Management) discovered thousands of detergents for Dnee and Comfort clothing with signs of counterfeiting.

At the time of the functional inspection, the factory workers work normally. At the scene, the market management team number 17 registered more than 2,000 cans of laundry detergent of the Dnee brand of 3.8 liters; 400 cans of laundry detergent Comfort label; 45,000 sheets of labels for Dnee products; 1,800 boxes with the word Dnee; 280 cans with the D-nee label and 5 electric motors used for the preparation of unbranded finished products.

Dnee brand laundry detergent bucket at Soc Son District Factory, Hanoi.  Photo: General Department of Market Management

Dnee brand laundry detergent bucket at Soc Son District Factory, Hanoi. Photo: General Department of Market Management.

In the workshop, the owner of the facility has been divided into many professional production areas, finished products, semi-finished products … However, the raw materials and chemicals used in the preparation and production of detergent for Dnee or Comfort clothes here are stored in buckets, pots and are of unknown origin.

The owner of the production plant, Nguyen Van Thai, stated that he imported bottles and boxes used for bottling laundry detergent and fabric softener from a production plant in Vinh Phuc province. All labels have well-known brand names, but are imported according to boxes and scales.

All shipments showing signs of violation have been temporarily sealed and confiscated by market management force. According to Mr. Nguyen Dao An, Deputy Team Deputy No. 17, the competent force will take samples and send them to the testing agency to determine the level of violation of the product.

Last week, the market manager also checked and discovered thousands of counterfeit Dnee baby laundry products at a facility in Ha Dong District, Hanoi.

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