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Truong Nam Thanh held a wedding with older generations in the life of Hanoi-Shovbiz


Friday, 11/16/2013 22:17 (GMT + 7)

According to the call data, the wedding ceremony will be held at a five-star hotel.

Truong Nam Thanh and businesswoman Thu Huien start a public affair since August 2017.

Since ancient times, couples often display photos traveling all over the world together. Model Sai Citi does not hesitate to hold her hands, kiss the face … lover, but in the middle of the abandoned place.

Some comment on the fact that Truong Nam Thanh is publicity, and not hidden in love, the simplest proof of his seriousness in the affair.

Truong Nam Thanh holds a wedding with older ladies in Hanoi - 1

Zhang Nanping wife wife more than the old age.

Recently, the scenes captured the wedding scene of the male model and wife Thu Huien at a resort in Da Nang, a curious public opinion. Some information she's about to marry, about the house.

A few minutes ago, the vision of the Truong Nam Thanh card and his wife and the spreading of the giddiness of the social network was revealed.

Accordingly, the couple will hold a wedding at a five-star hotel in Hanoi on November 18th. Calls are designed in simple style, luxury.

A friend has carefully discovered the groom, not only sends an invitation to call Truong Nam Thanh in detail, accommodate and advise all the guests with the guests from Saigon to Hanoi for the wedding. .

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Wedding ceremony Truong Nam Thanh and Thu Huien.

Having a good look and many international titles, Truong Nam Thanh is one of the famous models of the Vietnamese shovbiz. However, as the career progresses, a boy born in 1991 suddenly disappears from the event.

Participating in the recent film premiere, Truong Nam Thanh publicly reaffirmed his first marriage with businessman Thu Huien and moved to Hanoi.

Zhang's wife is older than him, married and has her children. This made the model heard at a height of 1.82 meters, accepting love "pancakes for pancakes" because of the high speed, they want to lean slightly.

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Couple hands in happy hands, travels to many places in the world.

On the contrary, Truong Nam Thanh has confirmed that marriage requires harmony between two people, nice feelings are not important for the age, and the words come in time to answer them. He also lists the love story of French President Macron and his teacher.

In order to convince himself, but not based on a businesswoman, the male model said that he is temporarily far from himself to focus business and build a solid economic base. He also discovered, his job is quite favorable.

3 mothers too hot that big business would like to ask,

Despite the birth of a family and a child, but the beauty of 3 shovbies still makes many wildly ready to sprinkle money.

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