Friday , May 20 2022

Vietnam Airlines is preparing for the World Cup 2018 World Cup competition: the World


The Organizing Committee and the Jury Committee at the 2018 Summer Tales competition with Love Announce will conclude the final stage of the Prize Award and Image Awards on November 25th. The Vietnamese Aviation Area is held in Bat Giac (Li Thai to Flower Garden), Hoan Kiem District , Hanoi.

The jury will select the 100 best images from nearly 100,000 images competing for the prize.

Imaging tests are subject to basic and accurate reviews. From almost 100,000 images to schools in 30 districts, 1,701 images for the city competition have been selected. Here, with the participation of artists and teachers in charge of the Department of Education and Training in Fine Arts, the jury continued to select the 100 best pictures for presenting pictures and receive awards from the Organizing Committee.

100,000 images were sent to the competition. Photo: BTC

This is the fifth year in a row. Vietnam Airlines and the Department of Education and Training in Hanoi held a competition for elementary school children in the city. On the subject of a friendly trip, organizers want to create a healthy playground for students, so they will be able to create creativity and show nice gestures in life. This is also an opportunity for parents, teachers to be closer to the world of children and accompany them on the path of fostering their personality, feeding human love. environmental Protection.


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