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Vietnam Tel is difficult to lose in Myanmar at the AFF Cup 2018


Vietnam has just opened the semi-final of the AFF Cup 2018 after a 2-0 win over Malaysia – a direct competitor in this league. In the first 10 minutes, two goals of Cong Phuong and Anh Duc helped coach Park Hang Seo to "securely finish" with three full points.

According to BLV Kuang Hui, the score 2-0 reflects the scene of the game when Vietnam's recruitment has a reasonable legal battle to overcome the opponent.

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"Unfortunately, the team did not take advantage of the last chance (2 contracts) to win Malaysia 3-0, because we have never won them before. Minutes on the field My Dinh in accordance with the intentions of the coach Hang Seo Park play early goals, take the initiative to play defense – counterattack and that opponents must play the game.

Malaysia began to be very excited, but when Kong Phuong established it, the Vietnamese recruiter was playing his way. Malaysia played very passively, holding the ball, but did not have specific opportunities when we kept the team very close, keeping the focus from the end to the very intense match. In general, this is just the victory of Park Hang Seo. "

According to BLV Kuang Hui, Malaysia is weaker than all the years when there are not many "works" for deployment: "The opponent concentrated right, but I'm carefully prepared to stop. Malaysia has no obvious chance."

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Vietnam (red shirt) very much blocked the opponent's power.

Vietnam is the only team that has not been received after the first two matches at the AFF Cup (Philippines and Thailand have the same performance, but a new one). This achievement is based on the defense of the defense with goalkeeper Van Lam – to be a more stable player in the match last night.

"Hold on to the basics of Park Hang Seo, to tell you the truth, I still do not understand what the training style of Park Hang Seo is.

It's possible that the Park Seo tactic is not … no specific tactics, but just putting the players in a frame with criteria such as defense, concentration, crowd, always covering and fast transition. Park Hang Seo coach focuses on the fitness and alertness of the team, but to show the truth, the tactical mark remains unclear. He studied the path of each opponent and set up a logical battle for every battle, on the basis of who knows who he is. It's hard to say the current "wardrobe" team – BLV Kuang Hui analysis.


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Vietnam has no specific tactics?

"With the style of the Park Hang Seo trainer, not getting points is difficult, but achieving goals and then it's very easy to kick. Players are" limited "in discipline and must strictly follow the instructions of the trainer It is possible that when this U23 litter is ripe, finer in terms of technique and tactics, Vietnamese recruitment will be different.

In general, the Park Hang Seo trainer makes the public always impatient on hold, because his philosophy is not explained by everything.

Cong Phuong started to dream at the AFF Cup in two stages to open the win for Vietnam after two games. The maturity of the players on the HAGL payroll to be cheerful, help the Park Hang Seo trainer for better-quality attack options.

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Cong Phuong starts to dream.

Cong Phuong is a very different Congo today, with experience gained after a career in career and breakthroughs from the Asian U23 final. Created under the coach of Park Hang Seo, everyone must serve the collective.

Coach Hang Seo was surprised when he did not put the midfielders on the field from the start, leaving the pair to play in the competition. Perhaps he is aware that Malaysia is not a strong middle line, it is just strong on the right. When you enter the tournament, wait for you to see if Park's student "dose" is not. Since Kuang Hai, Vietnam can abandon the offensive phase, keeps the ball well in order to regulate the pace. Coach Hang Seo Park has its calculations, very hard to know "- BLV Kuang Hui Analysis.

Finally, the victory over Malaysia to help semifinist Vietnam becomes very bright.

"We have a lot of advantages when the hardest door is left behind." The match at the Mi Dinh stadium today can be seen as the "declared sword" of the size of the Hang Seo Park for the local audience. With Hang Seo Park, Vietnam will be drawn from a draw to win against Mianman, so it's hard to lose. "- concludes BLV Kuang Hui.

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