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What are the children of China's wealthiest billionaire billionaires? – Finances


Saturday, January 19, 2019 19:00 (GMT +7)

Speaking of "Phu Dai Nhi", a term used to refer to the children of the rich Chinese, the first impression of people can be luxury yachts, beauties or cars … But is there any way that it is hot?

First of all, it is impossible to mention that Vuong Tu Thong, "the first teenage girl in Beijing," was the only billionaire Vuong Kien Lam, the Chinese man most wealthy in the year 2015. Mr. Vuong is a multimillionaire real estate, the owner hired by Wanda Group, a Chinese multinational corporation based in Beijing.

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Wang Tu Thong was called the "first young teacher" in China

Vuong Tu Thong is famous for being a playboy, spending money with hands and hands, having many wild speeches and having many relationships in the Chinese entertainment circles. However, most of Vuong Tu Thong's property was created by himself. In 2011, Wang Tu Thong founded the IG electronic sports club, since then, has always invested in e-sports. Year 2015, the family of Mr. Wang established the live video site of Panda TV and served as CEO.

Following is the death of the billionaire who occupied the 20th place in the world and number 2 in China, Jack Ma. Although Jack Ma is extremely popular, information about his son is not too much.

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Ma Yuan Kun and his father, Jack Ma

It is the only heat of Jack Ma called Ma Nguyen Khon, born in 1992. Ma Nguyen Khon is currently studying a doctorate in computer science at the University of California-Berkeley, also known as the University of California-Berkeley, as a great institution. The prestigious leading public education is in the San Francisco Bay area, in the city of Berkeley, California. During his time at the school, Ma Yuan Khon always hid his identity and buried his head in education.

Another Chinese "rich man" is the young lady Ma Man Lam, the daughter of Ma Hua Dang, Chinese commercial tycoon, founder, president and chief executive of Tencent, the company has The most valuable in Asia and one of the five corporations more great of the world. Pony Ma is currently ranked third in the list of wealthy people in China.

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Ma Man Lam, daughter of Ma Hua Dang

Ma Man Lam is 26 years old and it is very beautiful. He graduated from the University of Broadcasting in Shenzhen and is currently working for his father's company. So far, Ma Man Lam has always been very tight in his private life and has never had bad rumors.

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