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What is the fate that surrounds the tickets for Black Pink concerts "What are you waiting for?"


In less than two days, the first solo concert of Black Pink "2018 Black Pink Tour" in your area of ​​Seoul to BC Card "will be officially held at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena. The tickets for the shows were officially opened on September 18 and were dispersed shortly after in less than 3 minutes.

However, in the past few days, some netizens have learned that two nights for girls in the IG actually left over 250 tickets, and that they did not actually sell them out. Since then, anti-fans have begun to attack Black Pink, suggesting that the group's concert will not be even popular in Korea.

What is the fate that surrounds tickets for Black Pink concerts

Is the information about the Black color correct or not? According to the community of fans of the group, these remaining tickets were in fact hidden maps in the upper part, and the area was also marked in black on the IG chart. So, an area in which a beautiful, clear view is scattered by a clean and poor, hidden hidden scene is also obvious. However, the tickets are sold gradually on a daily basis, from nearly 250 tickets from November 5 to November 8, tickets for these areas are only about 150 to 160 carats.

What is the fate that surrounds tickets for Black Pink concerts

Pictures on November 8 show that the Black Pink concert on 10/11. It had 160 seats and that 11/11 with 153 seats remained.

What is the fate that surrounds tickets for Black Pink concerts

The black part on the diagram is an area in which a hidden stage is marked.

Some rumors on the Internet circulated that black and white concert tickets were due to too many songs. This is not wrong, but the concert has not started so that netizens can guess what the band will bring in these two nights. At most concerts, idol groups have dedicated stage dedicated to fans. Like in the concert of Black Pink's Japan, the group prepared four solo performances by each member. It is not known if the Korean concert confirmed the arrival of "R & B Prince Zion.T", so fans can fully expect the first night of their concert in the birthplace of Pink Pink.

What is the fate that surrounds tickets for Black Pink concerts

Zion.T confirmed that it will appear at a younger concert.

As for the Black Pink stores that sell fans on the black market for sale, this is a very common problem for those looking for concert tickets. Even the black market is now buying tickets directly on the internet it sells, and it is not necessary to buy tickets from fans. In addition, Netizen said that some fans of Black and White competitors for the sale of tickets on TV show that fans leave the group that does not say anything. Maybe because we found a better ticket in the area, so fans canceled?

What is the fate that surrounds tickets for Black Pink concerts

Finally, the unforgettable Black Pink concert was held at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena – a capacity of up to 15,000 seats. If you take about 300 empty places now compared to 15,000 people for both nights, 300 is not a big deal. The Black Pink concert will be successful, fans will wait 2 days 10 and 11/11 to see how it is marked as unconfirmed objects are tied from the mouth anti-fans will not be able to "knock" the influence of the group with the Korean public.

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