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When placing with Ben Car, the father was injured, two young children died


Monday, January 28, 2019 11:30 a.m. (GMT +7)

The collision caused two babies to die behind motorcycles, while the father was seriously injured.

About 18:00 a.m., on Highway 13, at Km 13 + 700, the road that passes through Cam Lo (Cam Lo district, Quang Tri province) produced a serious traffic accident that caused 3 casualties .

Harvesting with Ben Car, wounded father, two young children died: 1

The accident scene is tragic

At that moment, Mr. Tran Van Th. (It resides in Cam Thanh and Cam Lo comunas) 74G1-139 operating motorcycles … bringing 2 small children running to Lao Bao – Dong Ha, when they suddenly arrive at the location, the collision with Ben BKS cars is Suddenly produced 74C-040 … led by Mr. Le Loi (resident in the commune of Cam Hieu, Cam Lo) running in the same direction.

The collision caused his two Th children. It's Tran Thi Ng. (SN 2006) and Tran Phi S. (2014) died, Mr. Th. seriously injured

After the accident, the Police of the Traffic Police was present at the scene to divert traffic and investigate the cause of the incident.

Cars climbed to the sidewalks, broke the touches, and the mother and son continued to die 1 person

When picking up the bus, two mother and daughter in the province of Quang Nam were hit by a car and climbed to the sidewalk and broke the tree and hurried to two mothers and children, making them …

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