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Why don’t the super rich buy MU or Chelsea?


In the late 1980s, Martin Edwards, the owner of Man United, was willing to hand over the responsibility to someone with bigger pockets to take over the club. It is tempting to believe that foreign owners will be well received in Manchester in the context of the Red Devils, who will be very poor in terms of titles. But then, remember the challenges Edwards faced in growing the club early in the next decade, when he realized that financial solutions were listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Success and growth will not come without significant challenges.

In 1992, MU won for the first time the highest playground in the UK after 26 years. However, it was also the year HOSTAGE (anti-farm season ticket buyers) was born after Edwards tried to justify the act of raising ticket prices by building a new Stretford End stand. Twice after winning the Premier League, IMUSA (the Man United Supporters Association) was also formed, an organization with which Edwards refused to communicate. The recent BBC documentary series, Fever Pitch, explains that in 1999, the year MU reached the top of Europe for the first time in 31 seasons, fans fought fiercely for the acquisition of media mogul Rupert Murdoch and went generate enough heat for them to succeed.

That said, the power of groups from clubs like Man United cannot be underestimated, but in the end they could do nothing to prevent the arrival of Malcolm Glazer six years later. However, this does not mean that everything goes smoothly. The takeover of the Glazer family even caused some MU fans to spend money to create a new club called Manchester United in Manchester. The team draws thousands of spectators each match at home to England’s seventh division and shows the level of determination and vision in an era full of conflict at Old Trafford.

It’s not easy to buy clubs like Man United, even with a lot of money

In November 2019, some sources reported that Saudi owners were interested in Man United, but the equipment was still owned by the Glazer family. Although there have been sponsorship deals associated with Saudi Arabia since 2008, the Red Devils signed a memorandum of understanding “to improve football in the region” in 2017. A year later, Avram Glazer and director Executive Richard Arnold met Qusai Al-Fawaz, president of the Saudi Football Federation, to talk about additional “cooperation.” It all stops at the level of shaking hands instead of leading to another stage of power transfer.

In 2014, former Manchester United players Nicky Butt, Ryan Giggs, Gary Neville, Phil Neville and Paul Scholes took over from Salford, each with a 10% stake. The reason for this facility is that Salford only had 35 season ticket buyers and 14 board members. This meant that not many people could stop them, and although Neville and his former teammates later found resistance in trying to build a new training center on what has been described as “landscape landscaping. “. But basically acquiring a team that isn’t “really rich in history” allows them to freely rebuild the ball realm to their liking.

If Saudi Arabia’s super-rich want to buy Man United, it’s fair to say that the context will be very different from what Neville and the “92nd generation” of the red devils inherit at the Salford Club. Although Chelsea did not win English football five decades ago, when Roman Abramovich’s money changed all that in the early 2000s, the wait at Man City lasted 44 years. The year 2027 will mark a centennial milestone since Newcastle reached the top of football in the foggy country. Scenes outside Old Trafford when the team agreed to take part in the European Super League showed the strength of the MU fan group. As soon as they feel that something is not working, they are ready to react violently, forcing the team leaders to enter the water.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe (left) bought the Nice club in 2019 for around € 100 million

After more than a decade of being treated like a discount store, the mood in Newcastle is now very different. Amanda Staveley and the super-rich of Saudi Arabia are hailed as saviors who may change the face and size of Newcaslte in the future. But the case of Man United and Liverpool will not be like that. Anfield, home of the Reds, has seen numerous public protests since the team was foreign-owned in 2007.

If you want to buy Newcastle, you only have to spend £ 300 million, but if you want to own Liverpool, that figure is close to £ 3 billion. While Newcastle’s value will rise, like Man City, thanks to the expected success of the next few years, Man United or Liverpool offer no reassurance about the potential for new growth in the near future. Sir Jim Ratcliffe is one of the billionaires who can afford to buy MU, the team he has been a fan of since he was a child, or even Chelsea, where he toured the Cobham training ground before reach a consensus. with Abramovich on the price of the blues. Ratcliffe went on to buy French club Nice, where he also knew there would be less opposition among fans.

“It can now be said that the club is worth between £ 3,000 and £ 4 billion. But no one has ever paid that amount,” Sir Ratcliffe told The Times when asked about the figures involved, particularly Manchester United .

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