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Wife Phan Dinh Tung was born prematurely and the newborn son thrilled his father with his appearance

After overcoming the critical moment because his wife gave birth soon, the singer “Sitting Next to You” also sighed, showing the image of a child who weighs 3 kg has just been born.

Seven years after the birth of her eldest daughter, singers Phan Dinh Tung and Thai Ngoc Bich are happy to learn that her second pregnancy is a son, proud that her family has “enough order”.

Recently, a former member of the AC&M group happily announced that his wife had successfully and healthily welcomed the birth of his son. On his personal page, the singer announced the name of his son named Phan Minh Tri Duc, who weighed 3 kg for his family. Earlier, when his wife started working, he was very worried because it was 3 weeks before the scheduled delivery time. However, in the end, he was happy because “the mother is round and square,” proudly showing the face of the newborn boy on social media.

Phan Dinh Tung's wife who was born prematurely and the newborn son excited his father by his appearance: 1

Male singer Phan Dinh Tung happily announced the second time he was a father, an official house “full enough” when his son was born.

Under the comments, many artists, colleagues and friends sent congratulations to Phan Dinh Tung’s family such as Tuan Hung, Truong Ngoc Anh, musician Nguyen Van Chung, Diem My 9X, Phuong Anh Tent, Vy Oanh … Although it was only the first moment of birth, the photos quickly “caused storms” on social media.

Many opinions suggest that the child possesses many beauties of both parents and is expected to be one of the most notable child stars of the future, especially born into a family with musical traditions. This makes the male singer excited and “release his heart” constantly when his peers send congratulations and praise “stealing” his beautiful son.

The wife of Phan Dinh Tung who was born prematurely, the newborn son thrilled his father by his appearance: 3

Although the woman was born prematurely for almost a month, the baby was still healthy, enough to give birth after birth. Netizens also comment on this boy’s face like many features of his father.

Compared to the first pregnancy, Phan Dinh Tung and his wife felt comfortable showing the time of their birth. At the time of giving birth to their first daughter, the couple hid all the information from pregnancy to childbirth, until the 8-month-old prostitute was publicly announced. Due to the genes inherited from her father and mother, the little princess soon developed an artistic talent. The male singer is proud that his daughter is like her parents and likes music, so since she was a child, her family has invested in giving her access to many different musical instruments.

The wife of Phan Dinh Tung who was born prematurely, the newborn son thrilled his father by his appearance: 4

The couple’s first daughter was named Chau Ngoc. Phan Dinh Tung proudly revealed that his daughter loves music like her parents.

Sharing about the pregnancy, Phan Dinh Tung’s 12-year-old wife praised her husband as a very psychological father and partner. She feels lucky because she has a partner who loves her and loves her wholeheartedly. So even though many years passed, her passion for singing and acting still remained, but she was willing to take a step back to take care of her children and raise her family. The time of his wife’s morning sickness until early childbirth, he leaves almost every moment of his personal time to be with his family to take care of his family, instead of the woman taking care of his daughter.

“When I have a child, I understand my parents’ feelings. Even though hard work is tiring and stressful all day, when I get home, everything goes away when I see the child. There is nothing happier than when you wake up, open the eyes and see the first wife and children “, shared the singer in an interview.

Wife Phan Dinh Tung was born prematurely and the newborn son excited his father with his appearance: 5

Small family of Phan Dinh Tung.

Phan Dinh Tung used to be famous with many songs like “Scratching Bamboo Leaves”, “Birthday Song”, “The Person by Your Side” … Past the peak of his career, but Phan Dinh Tung’s name still the generation of people who love music is well known. He still works a lot in provincial shows, tea rooms, music venues and even weddings.

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