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Workers suffer from ATM on Tet's vacations

Wednesday, January 30, 2019 12:00 PM (GMT +7)

On Tet's holidays, the demand for people's transactions increased enormously, so the withdrawal of cash at ATMs always caused head annoyances, especially poor workers.

Running 5-7 seats to collect enough money

Present at Vietcombank automatic teller machines in the Tan Binh industrial area at noon, on January 29, we could see that many depressed people came home because they could not withdraw money. "The machine is still normal, it does not announce the end of the money or the maintenance or repair of anything, but after pressing the PIN, executing the transaction, the machine maintains the card's release. Try multiple times as that's it, it's weird! " Hien (Tan Binh industrial sewing worker).

When trying to put the card on the device, we have observed that this cashier shows the words "ATM can only pay a 200,000 VND multiple". After entering the import, this cashier requires you to enter another amount. Then the machine reported an error and released the card. Ask for protection to the bank (NH), this person said: probably because of the card or errors in the network. Sometimes the machine accepts the card but rejects the card. Many people suffer in the morning. The withdrawals from ATMs these days are so unlucky (?!).

You need to withdraw 10 million dong for the holidays of Tet, Ms. Tran Thi Hien (working for the Tan Tao Industrial Shoe Company Company) has to run "crazy ears". "I use the Vietcombank card, the ATM tree near my house is being repaired, so I have to run to Binh Chanh. But that place is too crowded, I do not know when to wait for being informed through other ATM ATM machines also withdraw money. There are nearby Eximbank ATMs, but only a maximum of 1.2 million VND / time, double the rate. Each time "insert a card" is a single rate. With money, I ran to Q.6 to find Vietcombank for the transaction, where the bank closed. Once again the queue for the withdrawal of ATMs, For many people to retire at the same time, they should run out of money, you have to wait for funds. It took them all afternoon to run some places to raise 10 million VNDs "- Ms. He was bored

In some areas with fewer ATM systems such as suburban districts and districts, the end of the year is also overburdened. In the Binh Tan district, H. Binh Chanh, Cu Chi … there are many unqualified workers and workers, but at the end of the month, at the end of the year, withdrawing money is to find the "red eyes" of ATMs automatic "The ATM is very scarce, so when the salary transfer company has not had time to withdraw, I am worried about having to finish the ATM. On the provincial road 10, road number 7 Binh So, the ATM trees have their fingers.

The area of ​​the ATM center is increasingly more diversified banks when people have many options, but they are still here "- Mrs. Le Thi Nhi sighed (operator of the Pouyuen company).

He often experiences "going and coming", Mr. Tran Van Tinh (Thanh Nien Packaging Company's staff, Go Vap District) shared: "I will usually go to ATM soon to withdraw money. Because I need a large amount of money, a few dozen million dollars because I can not withdraw once, there is enough, so I have to remove many days, a little every day. Although a little effort is needed, it's more than money. "

Workers who suffer from an ATM on the Tet-1 vacations

Workers are facing distortion because they can not withdraw cash at ATMs (photo taken at the ATM at Tan Binh Vietcombank Park at noon on January 29)

Many tellers reported mistakes and left without money

Many banks have planned early on for the congestion of the ATM in the Tet 2019. However, until the peak days, but many automatic ATM machines have been left without money, reported errors, stopped the transactions and made customers goods "from the sky of coal."

The representative of the Sacombank bank said that now the bank has 1,072 ATMs in operation, the bank also closely monitors the secure fund balance (more than 200 million VND) at least twice a day with a reasonable pair structure. "We also organize the ATM system staff to ensure the collection of funds on time, as well as solve incidents quickly. However, to be flexible, customers should go to the transaction points / counters before the holidays to serve "- said Sacombank.

Representative of the Vietcombank shared card center, near Tet, the frequency of ATM transactions increased 4 times compared to business days. Vietcombank spent money from large denominations in small denominations. For example, when you reach the nominal value of VND 500,000, only VND 200,000 remains, but you can still spend up to 1 operation of VND 5 million; When you only get the nominal value of VND 100,000, each transaction can only withdraw up to 3.5 million VNDs; VND 50,000 of nominal value, each transaction is VND 1,750,000.

"There are still some ATMs without money, but we always have a spare to avoid it. Vietcombank's customer base is about 6-7 million cards, but Tet's holidays have to support about 10 Millions of cards so that some banks issue cards but do not equip ATMs, they hurry to Vietcombank to withdraw money because the system is overloaded "- said the person.

With regard to some Eximbank card holders who believe they are restricted to withdrawing very low withdrawals from ATMs to charge fees, the representative of Eximbank may explain that, due to a network error, The bank has no policy to limit these withdrawals. According to Eximbank, to ensure the source of money, before, during and after Tet, banks always have a group to watch and watch when they see ATMs in places where the money will be depleted, they will be charged more. The Eximbank system automatically informs ATMs of most of their money through the telephone in order to complete the financing. At the same time, assigning directly to the smooth transmission line, ATM system for regular maintenance and maintenance.

According to Mr. Nguyen Hoang Minh, deputy director of the SBV branch in Ho Chi Minh City, to ensure the smooth running of ATMs, SBV combined with the supervisory department to review, review and ask commercial banks to review ATM, especially in ZEP and IP. If the machine is damaged, it must be immediately repaired so that there is no fault and no transaction when it enters the Tet vacation. In densely populated areas, banks must also ensure that ATM systems work in a stable, continuous and smooth manner.

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