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Xuan Truong created Van Toan a goal and caused Hanoi FC to cry


Results Hanoi FC 1-1 HAGL round 16 V.League 2019. The local team has the second game followed to cure when Van Toan has equaled 90 + 4 minutes.

The results of Hanoi 1-1 HAGL Surprise with the evolution of the field. The local team played better than the visitors, but the perfectionist game made them pay very expensive. This draw has led to the Hanoi FC being expanded by HCMC to the classification. And HAGL deserves to be praised for his efforts to the end.

HAGL lost to Hanoi FC in two seasons of V.League 2017, 2018. In the game on July 17, the German team continued to play in the first half. The local team, despite the lack of coach Chu Dinh Nghiem, went straight to The suspension is still overwhelming. Soon they achieved an advantage in the third minute after the head of Pape Omar.

xuan-truong-zen-tao-cho-van-toan-ban-banen-ha-boy-fc-khoc-han-hinh 1

Pape Omar scored early, but the home team could not win. – Photo: Hanoi FC.

HAGL is shooting for fun, Duc Duc causes the "small crowd to suffer" "src =" da-cho-vui-bau-duc-khien-dam-nho-se-kho-2.jpg

When V.League 2019 entered the sprint stage, the German elections poured cold water into HAGL, "suffered fun" and "5 thin guys won a big man."

In the first part, the chosen team also created a series of waves and waves, but failed to achieve any goal. They even approached to receive gifts with the repugnant treatment of goalkeeper Sietsma at minute 27. However, the Dutch goalkeeper made an error.

In the second half, Hanoi FC actively played the defense – counterattack. HAGL has finished attacking. At minute 51, striker Felipe had a dangerous header to force goalkeeper Van Cong to save on the lime line. In order to preserve the victory, the local team sent Doan Van Hau to the field, as he did not attack until the first half.

xuan-truong-zen-tao-cho-van-toan-ban-banen-ha-boy-fc-khoc-han-hinh 2

Xuan Truong had the first phase of support for HAGL after returning from Buriram United. – Photo: Duy Anh.

This way of playing is successful until the last minute of compensation. In 90 + 4 minutes, Xuan Truong sent a dangerous pass from the center of the field, leaving Van Toan through Duy Manh and Van Kien, with a 1-1. This is also the final score of the match.

Results Hanoi FC 1-1 HAGL Let the local team only score 30 points, 3 points behind the leading team in Ho Chi Minh City. This round, HCM City won SHB Da Nang 3-2. And HAGL has 16 points, and remains the penultimate.

This is the Thai team that asked to buy Vu Van Thanh from HAGL "src =" -la- Banh-bong-thai-da-ho-buy-vu-van-thanh-cua-hagl-5.jpg

The news came from the Khlong Toei area, Bangkok, Thailand. A Thai team sent a formal request to the HAGL club to ask about Vu Van Thanh.

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