Monday , September 27 2021

Young fans ran to the field to ask for Haaland’s autograph

Young fans ran to the field to ask for Haaland’s autograph

– Fixtures of the Bundesliga 2021/2022

The memorable moment of the friendly between Dortmund and Bilbao at Kybunpark came in the 43rd minute. While the Bilbao player was about to run, a young fan ran onto the pitch and asked for Haaland’s autograph.

Although surprised by the boy’s bold action, the Norwegian striker still signed happy autographs for this young fan. Of course, the security staff had to take her out of the yard. It is unclear whether the BTC yard will fine this guy for this action or not.

He returns to the competition between Dortmund and Bilbao. After the first half ended in a 0-0 result, Dortmund with only 14 attendees in this friendly match lost the final 0-2 against Bilbao. The two Bilbao goal scorers are Raúl Garcia (50 ‘) and Dani Vivivan (57’).

With Bilbao, the Basque team won 2/3 of their friendly matches in the summer of 2021. Against Bilbao, there are 3 more friendly matches with Union Berlin (July 31), Southampton (August 7) ​​and Liverpool (August 8).

As for Dortmund, they have won 1 and lost 1 in the last 2 friendly matches. Dortmund only have one more warm-up match with Bologna (July 30) before playing Wehen Wiesbaden in the German National Cup (August 8) and meeting Frankfurt in the first round of the 2021 Bundesliga / 22 (August 14).

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