Monday , March 1 2021

30 bodies of immigrants found after embarking on boats in Djibouti

JOHANNESBURG (AP): There have been thirty corpses after about 130 Djibouti migrants have disappeared when two ships fell into dirty waters, said the US migration agency yesterday.

Sixteen survivors were recovered, and the tiny coastguard of the African continent continued a search and rescue operation after the Tuesday accident, U. said in a statement. The witnesses said that the big waves caused the overloaded ships to approach approximately half an hour after they left.

An 18-year survivor told the migration agency that he had boarded one of the ships with 130 other people, including 16 women. There were no immediate details about the second ship.

Thousands of immigrants from the turbulent Horn of Africa region departed every year from Djibouti to cross the strait of Bab al-Mandab to the Arabian peninsula with the hope of Find jobs in rich Gulf countries.

The vast majority of immigrants are Ethiopians, young people and men, according to the migration agency.

The crossing is dangerous, with smugglers who, in some cases, force immigrants on board before arriving to their destination. They have fired other ships as they approach Yemen, where clashes continue between pro-government forces backed by a coalition led by the Saudis and the Houthi rebels.

"This tragic event demonstrates the risks faced by vulnerable immigrants, as they innocently seek better lives," said Djibouti's mission head of the migration agency, Lalini Veerassamy.

The project of missing migrants from the agency says that at least 199 people have moved away from the coast of Djibouti near Obock, where the last blockade occurred since 2014.

More than 700 more deaths have taken place beyond the route from the Horn of Africa to Yemen, according to project data.

The route also sees a flow of immigrants from Yemen to the Horn of Africa as people flee from war.


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