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Apple iPad Pro (2018) Overview


As it's not yet clear what will eventually become the tablet category, Apple's business iPad continues to run into a small fortune every quarter. Nevertheless, the iPad has changed for a long time. It's no longer a $ 500 device that some people call an inflatable iPod Touch. Since then, it has developed into a more complex line that has tried to achieve bigger things, such as becoming a digital notepad with support for Apple Pencil, or reaching the territory of a laptop with performances that are usually not expected from such a portable form factor.

Today, things are more complicated for the iPad line. There is an affordable iPad of 9.7 ", which starts from $ 329, the iPad of $ 10.5, from $ 649 (last year), and there are also the new iPad Pro 11" and 12.9 "that just hit the market and started with $ 799 for the base, 64GB iPad Pro 11 "and go all the way to incredible 1899 dollars for a fully equipped iPad Pro 12.9" with 1 TB storage space and cellular connectivity.

In this particular landscape, it seems that the iPad no longer wants to be just a terrific multimedia device. It tries to be different things to different people and to seriously endanger these consumer notebooks. But does this advanced iOS machine have what it takes to replace your computer?


Minimalist and functional, the new design of the iPad Pro 2018 is not very elegant

The new iPad Pro 11 "and 12.9" (we are testing 11 "one) has a new design, in which the body is flat, instead of rounded, side panels and those brilliant trimmed edges on the front, which is a ergonomic victory because the new edges are not so The European aesthetics resembles the original iPad, but of course, the new device is dramatically thinner and lighter. It's great! It's big, even 11 "one, but an incredibly thin profile means it does not feel huge.

Appearance – wise, interesting. This new model is less elegant than its predecessors, and with those adventurous antenna lines, it's actually quite spartan. It's hard to call this new iPad Pro (2018), but it's certainly impressive in terms of physical properties.

An important new feature is that there are no more lightning ports here, replaced with standard USB-type C. This is an important change, because it means you can now connect different devices to the iPad, such as the camera. However, these devices still need to be optimized for using iOS, extending to external storage devices, so you can not really treat this new iPad Pro as a regular computer in that respect, at least not yet. There are very real constraints on what you can link and what to do.

There is no 3.5mm headphone jack for the iPad Pro 11 "and 12.9", and there is no EarPods in the box. Taking into account the available port is now type USB C, it is better to find Bluetooth headphones, such as Apple AirPodes. The good news is that at least the speakers are pretty great, so you will not be absolutely necessary to connect the headphones to enjoy the good sound with the iPad Pro. Compared to the latest stereo speakers on the iPhone KSS, KSS Mak or KSR, the iPad Pro 11 "and 12.9" speakers are definitely much better.

Another big change with this year's design is that there is no Touch ID anymore! Love or hate. Expanding the screen and scrolling the frame around it has led to the removal of the fingerprint sensor, which has now been replaced by the face ID. And since this is the iPad, Apple knows that many people use the tablet in landscape orientation, so it has made the necessary Face ID updates so it can work in all types of orientations (the iPhone does not work if you hold the device in the landscape).


The ProMotion display is incredible and Apple should put it on phones right now

Two screen dimensions are available: 11 "and 12.9". 11 "iPad Pro has the same dimensions as last year's iPad of 10.5", but the screen is enlarged to 11 inches to fill more than the front part. The situation is different from the 12.9 "iPad Pro, where the masks are reduced and end with a slightly smaller device that still has a 12.9-inch diagonal display.
LCDs are LCD screens and they are great. The resolution is sufficient, and the colors are, as with any modern Apple device, pointed. Star show here is ProMotion technology, which means Apple has 120 Hz display in these iPad Pros. And these 120 Hz screens make the world of difference when they move around or mostly interact with the iPad. Things move easier and more fluid compared to our good 60 Hz displays. It's the same technology Apple has in its 10.5-inch iPad last year, and frankly, we are surprised that this company has not yet implemented this in its iPhone line.

On the go, there's also True Tone, which adjusts the color of the screen in real time to suit your ambient light. In this way, the tablet can display realistic colors that blend with your environment in a more natural way. This feature works great on the new iPad Pro 2018.

Interface and functionality

iOS 12 is a great platform for consumers, but it's not open enough or functional enough to accommodate all professionals.

The iOS 12 on the iPad is slightly different from iOS 12 on the iPhone, but only a bit. The most significant "upgrades" in the iPad experience are that you can use drag-and-drop at different places in the system, and you can also use multitasking with a split screen.

This last works by dragging the application from the doc to the right or left of an already open application – you can turn on timely multitasking or another application that appears above the already installed app, on those occasions where you want to check something a bit and then discard the app .

In addition, there seems to be no flaw in changes to iOS experience. Much bigger story with this new iPad is the performance of the new A12Ks Bionic chipset.

This is a stronger version of A12 that is in the iPhone KSS, KSS Mak and KSR, and Apple really wants to make sure this is not some kind of sweet, first mobile chip. He wants to know that he is a vampire who can work on tasks at the computer level, for example, for example, to perform a fully-processed Photoshop. Although it still can not do that, it will start next year, when Adobe will release the real Photoshop for the iPad. With such powerful programs, the utility of the iPad is on the rise. The number of desktop computers, full games games is also increasing thanks to titles such as Civilization VI, which is already available.

However, do iOS limits allow a truly productive platform with all the freedom that creators need? We would not be sure yet. IOS is still a relatively closed environment, where everyone, consumers and developers, at the mercy of Apple. At least at this time, there is not enough freedom in interaction between applications and between devices, because the iPad Pro is becoming a truly professional tool. For now, the stick is in this strange center between the consumer's media device and something that can work for you, but even though it's already a great media device, it's a potential because professional equipment is not yet fully realized.

Processor and memory

Back to performance, this thing really screams! Apple claims that the A12Ks Bionic is faster than what comes out of most notebooks sold between June 2017 and June 2018, and while we are not sure how this conclusion is achieved, we can confirm the excellent performance of the iPad Pro 2018.

Together with the incredible 120 Hz ProMotion display, it's amazing how everything moves smoothly and smoothly. Our only hope is that developers will be faster in optimizing their applications and games to take advantage of the new chipset and ProMotion display.

In addition to the state-of-the-art processor, Apple can also load iPad Pro 11 "and 12.9" with up to 1TB (1000 GB) of memory. These are rather extreme things, but prices are similarly extreme. For more levels among us, Apple also sells 64 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB versions.


As usual, you can choose between Vi-Fi and Vi-Fi + Cellular models. The difference is that you can insert the SIM card into another and use cellular data.

The iPad also comes with a new three-dimensional back-up connector, which is used to connect with certain plug-ins like the new Smart Folio keyboard. The keyboard design is considerably intuitive than the one in the previous model. It's also more protective, as it also covers the back of the tablet, but it's not just a good keyboard, which is winning the purpose of the purchase. The problem is that most keys function very well, but the spacing bar is a little tougher, which requires more force to press against other keys. This turned out to be quite an inconvenience as far as the typing experience is concerned.

An innovative new feature is the new Apple Pencil, which has an ergonomic shape and can be plugged into the iPad Pro 11 "or 12.9" through magnets. This action also includes a wireless upgrade for the Pen, which in a way is a more convenient solution for the previous generation, where you had to strangely hold the old pen in the lightning port on the tablet.


It will never stop being a cause when someone pulls out his big iPad to make a photo, but that does not stop us from doing it anyway. And because of that, Apple has achieved the security of upgrading the camera into the new iPad Pro 11 "and 12.9". The rear camera is a 12 MP that has a bunch of cool features like Smart HDR, also present in the iPhone KSS, KSS Mak and KSR. However, he strangely misses the portrait regime.
At least you get a portrait mode with the front camera, which is TrueDepth with Face ID. It's not the most appropriate experience to take photos of a self-portrait with an iPad Pro, but if you need a feature-there is, along with a depth control, that allows you to change the amount of blur in the background before or after the shot.

Quality, rear and front camera images are quite decent. They do not deal with precision with a great smell or full color, but they are high enough to finish the job. Plus, Apple claims that the rear camera is optimized for the Augmented Realty experience, and has worked well in testing, while 3D objects appear fairly stable.

Video recording also works well on the new iPad Pro 2018, although it is slightly disoriented in more dynamic scenarios, due to the great slate that you have to keep in front of you. You can shoot a video at a resolution of 4K and 60 fps, and it looks pretty great. Unfortunately, you can not switch between the front and rear cameras during movie recording.

We also encountered some other inconvenience while using the iPad application for the camera. For an unknown reason, it does not use a large display at all, and makes you move between 5 or 6 camera modes that are available. It would be much better if everyone is immediately available to touch – there is plenty of room! Moreover, if you want to switch to Portrait, the application automatically switches to the front camera and the last camera no longer has a button … If you want to return to the back camera, you need to switch to regular photo mode, then switch cameras, which is quite inaccurate.


IPad Pro 11 "and 12.9" 2018 are perfectly suitable for media entertainment. The screens are very large, which is great for movies and games. Of course, not only are they great, but their properties like resolution and color reproduction are top-notch.
Installing a quad-core device is a perfect companion for the beautiful screen. As we have already noticed, the speakers come out with superb sound. It's definitely not hi-fi, but considering the super slim and compact nature of the tablet, it's impressive what the depth of these speakers is.

For players there, a special treatment in the iPad Pro 2018 is in the form of a new, 7-core GPU. Seriously, we just have to find a game that can even get into the performance – it's unbelievable! However, we noticed that quite a few games, including those of a high profile such as Hearthstone or Civilization VI, do not use hardware to the maximum, where civilization works in a very low resolution, definitely not retina quality.

Battery life

Apple continues to promise up to 10 hours of battery life during various activities, such as web browsing, video or music playback. In our custom test, the battery managed to achieve an impressive 11h40min. It's much better than the iPad 10.5 ", which was 10h38 minutes. It is also better than the results of its closest competitor, Samsung Galaki Tab S4, which reached 7h 47 mins.

You can compare the battery life of the iPad Pro 11 "with many other competitors in our Benchmarks.

The charger is great, but it still takes three hours to fully charge the iPad Pro 11. "This can sound a lot, but compared to the previous iPads, it's actually an improvement over 20 minutes! It's also a bit faster in the compared to Galaki Tab S4.


What is a tablet?

At the end of last year, Apple released an advertisement in which the child using the iPad Pro responded with "What is a computer?" to your neighbor's question asking "What are you doing on your computer?". It seems that the ad has once shed a rage of anger, as Apple dared to say that we already live in that episode after the PC he was talking about since the introduction of the first iPad, but of course, we all know it's not true.
It seems that the question today is "What's a Tablet?" Now more than ever, the iPad is striving to compete with notebooks by introducing productivity features such as Apple Pencil, keyboard accessories, ensuring it can connect to ecosystem devices and deliver exceptional system performance. At the same time, the iOS 12 system, as powerful as it does, does not leave the iPad Pro 11 "and 12.9" truly different computers. By keeping you stuck in application limitations and being more confined and inflexible compared to the operating system of a classic desktop such as MacOS or Windows, the new iPad Pro continues to firmly hold its roots in the consumer territory, despite Pro in the name . So, not only the entertainment device, and not the actual work station. This is an undefined space that the iPad Pro 2018 must populate, until Apple finally decides whether to send it in one way or another. Do you still need it? The iPad Pro can be as good as it is right now, as long as customers know what they are investing in. Unless everything you do on your computer is watching movies and searching on Facebook, then it's safe that iPad Pro can completely replace your computer. But any serious type of work you want to do on a computer device, you'll almost certainly be better off opening your laptop than picking up your iPad Pro.

All that is said, the iPad continues to be an excellent media and entertainment device with impressive features and portability. If you know exactly how it will fit into your lifestyle, then this latest release will certainly not disappoint. Do you need to get a version of 1 TB? We're not quite sure. A 256 GB model will provide you with a long way to go and you will not break the bank, so it may be the most general option for this year.

iPad Pro 11 "and 12.9" price breakdown

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