Monday , September 26 2022

August 1 killing: the state is trying to discredit the doctoral report


The Association of Human Rights Practitioners of Zimbabwe (ZADHR) wants to warn public members, the commission led by Mothlante and all Zimbabweans that there are state media in order to eliminate the recently launched ZADHR report on post-election violence.

ZADHR owns a communication of state media journalists who have been studying ZADHR's sources of funding all day and whether ZADHR is affiliated with political parties.

In order to avoid doubt and record the record, the ZADHR Committee states this

1. ZADHR is not a partisan, because the Constitution forbade functionaries to hold any political office.

2. ZADHR is an organization based on membership whose core activities are funded by its members. ZADHR also has strategic partnerships with development partners that also finance state health programs.

3. ZADHR's report on the victims of political violence is factual and supported by electronic medical documents and statements on cases supported by forensic pathologists. Any attempt to discredit will be futile because ZADHR is willing to share more detailed evidence if this is called into question.

4. ZADHR advises journalist Herald Paidamoio Chipunz to freely seek a formal meeting with our office if she wants to report on ZADHR's activities

In conclusion ZADHR will unreservedly carry out its mandate without fear, prejudice and with even greater strength in order to promote the right to health in Zimbabwe

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