Tuesday , May 11 2021

Battlefield 5 Roundup Review – GameSpot

Battlefield V now operates live for subscribers to EA or Origin Access, after a long delay in the last-minute delay. This one will return the series back to the iconic World War II setting, but does the return to the greatest generation make a great game?

Although the reviews start to run, some pages publish earlier views or reviews in progress, including GameSpot. And for a year when the main competitor of Battlefield, Call of Duti, avoided a single-player campaign, it seems that the presence of the one in Battlefield V is out of reach. Consensus agrees that the package that is delivered already has much to explore thanks to the campaign and the multiplier, even if you know it's on the go. Her battle royal mode Firestorm comes next year, and DICE has built a reputation for long-term support.

Early impressions of the GameSpot Battlefield V found that it kept the scale we expected from the Battlefield game. "There is much more to dig out, such as a fortification system, a fee to strengthen the team, and how destruction can change the dynamics of the map, and spending time with the game will take a better picture," wrote critics Michael Higham. "At the end of the day, it's still Battlefield, and Battlefield V is formatting it as good."

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  • A game: Battlefield V
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One
  • Developer / publisher: DICE / Activision
  • Date of departure: Leave now (limited) / Broad edition on November 20th
  • The price: US $ 60 / £ 50 / AU $ 69

GameSpot – No rating

"From now on, it feels like a Battlefield V variation on a well-established theme and it maintains the tradition of the serial grand spectacle with incredible sound design, impact weapons and great multiplier chaos." – Michael Higham [Full review]

Gaming Trend – 9/10

"After spending a lot of time with the game, I managed to find a lot to discover. With dozens of collections that can be found in one player's campaign, seemingly unlimited number of weekly challenges and" Tides of Var "great on the horizon, Battlefield V is the best that this series has ever been and is easily the best FPS season. "- Ron Burke [Full review]

PC Games N – 9/10

"Battlefield V delivers a series of best-in-one campaigns, capturing the horrors of wars from rarely visible perspectives." This tension goes through a multiplier, which is tuned to jeopardize your vulnerability to fire. " – James McMahon [Full review]

CG Magazine – 8/10

"Despite the bad press at first, I have a lot of confidence in DICE as a programmer and this year they delivered a fantastic shooter with Battlefield V after listening to their community and seriously taking their feedback." – Cole Vatson [Full review]

Digital Trends – 6/10

"Battlefield V is a great WWII shooter and has the potential to turn it into great with several updates and adding its mods after the launch, but with the Black Ops 4 that offers such a rich and engaging competitive experience and the latest Volfenstein II: the new Colossus that offers a better campaign for the Nazi campaign, there is no reason for this game to be your first choice. It's a partial testimony about the strength of your competition, but Battlefield V does not impress in the same way as Battlefield 1. Anyway, try if you're a DICE fan previous work, but know that you will have to modify some pretty harsh mistakes. "- Gabe Gurvin [Full review]

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