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Bruce Grobbelaar is recording a music album with Steven Muris


Correspondence| Former goalkeeper Zimbabwe, Bruce Grobbelaar and striker Stevart Shutto Muris, were made in a musical project that seeks the well-being of people living with disabilities.

Other football legends in the project are Labani Kandi, Harrington Shereni, Elvis Chuchu Chivesha and Justice Majabvi.

The project is an initiative of Light Africa Project, an organization made up of young Zimbabweans living in the country and diaspora.

In an interview, world founder Chanda Jazz said he came to the initiative after noting that some talented musicians living with disabilities had their career cut. Tedious Matsito received it as an example.

"We decided to start this project to help people living with disabilities from the income from the singles we produce.

"We have targeted at least 15 people, including football legends, celebrities and even government officials to be part of this musical project.

"We are happy that Stevart Murisa, Bruce Grobbelaar, Muniaradzi Munodavaff and others agreed to be a part of this project. Even people like Ginimbi or anyone who feels helpful can freely join." Bruce agreed in principle, but asked that the first sees a part of the predicted users, so we wait for his representative Dickson Choto to return, but at this stage he is willing, "he said.

Chanda sent an invitation to the Ambassador of the International Carnival in Harare, Genius "Ginimbi" Kadunguru, and the head of the tourism authority in Zimbabwe, Karikog Kaeke, to give voice to the project, saying it was necessary to have it available, as artists will be supported by potential tourism ambassadors for their musical talents.

Two weeks ago, Terrence Green secured a free music contract from the popular Mt Zion Studios, after Light Africa released a video about it on social media.

"Mladic (Green) did not have the money to shoot and this touched our hearts and we sent his video on social media,
"T-Man, a producer with Mt Zion, then saw the video and offered it to record it for free, but they were recorded and excited," explained Xha.

He saluted Muris and Grobbelaar for accepting to be a part of the project.
Grobbelaar, a former soldier, does not have a well-known musical history, and his willingness shows that he has touched it with people who live with disabilities.

Monaudafa is a blind musician who started singing in the ninth year and got a generous adventure on the radio.

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