Sunday , June 26 2022

Denmark’s first satellite commercial operator launches VDES in Africa – ShipInsight


In June, Denmark’s largest satellite commercial operator, Sternula, and the Ghana Maritime Authority virtually gave a hand to a new partnership that will strengthen maritime safety and navigation in the Gulf of Guinea on the west coast of Guinea. ‘Africa. Now, for the first time, key project actors have physically met in Ghana to launch the strategic partnership.

Sternula’s role in the project is the provider of the next-generation automatic identification system (AIS 2.0), also called the VHF Data Exchange System (VDES), a technology that facilitates communication between ships and authorities on land. The ambition of the project is not only to strengthen Ghana’s maritime sector, but also to have a model for the future implementation of satellite-based AIS 2.0 in other areas.

“As its name suggests, AIS 2.0 is the next generation of the current AIS infrastructure used for the location of more than 200,000 ships. Our innovative satellite network communicates with ships via a standard VHF antenna. , which has paved the way for a new connectivity solution that is affordable for everyone.Even small Ghanaian fishing boats located far from the coast will be visible and contactable.For the authorities, this will save costs in coastal radio stations which, if not expensive, tend to have insufficient coverage, ”explained Sternula CEO Lars Moltsen.

“We are very happy to finally start the association. Partly because the maritime industry in West Africa has enormous potential for the use of satellite-based electronic navigation technology due to the large amount of maritime trade in the region. But also because we will now be at the forefront of developing AIS 2.0-based services, which will potentially play an important role in global maritime digitization, ”Moltsen said.

The AIS 2.0 solution continues to attract the attention of other seafaring nations. During the three-day visit to Ghana, Sternula attended the two technical meetings with the Ghana Maritime Authority, but also an open workshop with official representatives from South Korea, Morocco and the Seychelles among other nations.

“First of all, we want to add value to the ambitious plans of the Ghanaian authorities for the region. In addition, we hope that the project will act as a catalyst for similar projects. We are therefore pleased to note that our visit to Ghana has already led to new partnerships between representatives attending the open workshop. Among other positive aspects, South Korea has shown great interest in working alongside Danish companies and authorities, “Moltsen said.

Sternula’s innovative AIS 2.0 infrastructure will be available globally from 2023 after the first of 60 satellites is launched next year.

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