Sunday , June 26 2022

Do not mourn the age to survive cancer


Aging can be viewed as a privilege.

Jane gained three degrees of promotion and had several career-oriented career as a librarian, rehabilitation advisor, and faculty teacher. Currently working independently writing. Her articles include cases of hearing loss and deafness, official dogs and wrinkles with cancer. She has survived since 2010.

It has myelodysplastic syndrome, which is rare and would like to communicate with others who have MDS.

My father had lots of beautiful expressions and used them liberally at the right time. The Minister even mentioned them at his memorial service. Some of them would not dare publish, but others are funny and I repeat that I repeat them.

One of his favorites, if someone complains about life or does not feel well, was: "Well, that's better than an alternative!" This comment usually stops people from complaining about them, including me. The longer we can defend death, we better.

I know many people who are angry and afraid to "get old." I'm really upset when one of my colleagues called me an older woman. She could not talk about me, did she? I ran and I screwed up when they read my sister and read me quickly and informed me that I was really older. I became defenseless until I remember that everyone is older than me!

However, I never had a "thing" about age. I agree happily with my cousin, who says he is proud every year. I've never lied about it or spent money on expensive creams to look younger. Actually, I was pretty kind in relation to some people I know.

But cancer has changed me. Now I'm complaining about people who complain about aging. I just reached the reference level how long it was supposed to live when I was diagnosed first. I love my life and I want to live as long as I can be reasonably healthy.

Please, do not react to anyone with cancer as you hate it when they remind you of aging. Now, when people complain to them, I hope to become older. When I visit doctors for examinations or I'm around young people, I admit I'm old. But it's not an insult or anything to conceal. First of all, this is a great privilege.

I know those who survived cancer. Every day, every hour, every minute, every second counts. We are grateful for another year. It is a privilege that many people do not have, and we try to use it the most!

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