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Fernandinho: "I always listen to Pepa, even in my age I can improve" football


Pep Guardiola manager Fernandinho paid a sincere compliment a few weeks ago, when he proposed Guardioli to make the player hard to penetrate into the current team Manchester Citia.

Many people in the City Books know the feeling, but Fernandinho plays in a recessed position in the middle of the field where Guardiola worked and at a time when the manager occasionally emerges from such star talents as Sergio Aguero, David Silva and Raheem Sterling, the Brazilian record speaks for itself.

No city player has started more games this season and, although the turn around him rotates, Fernandina has yet to miss the Premier League or the Champions League.

"The responsibility for me is great!" Fernandinho says with a laugh while preparing for the first derby of Manchester in the season, in Etihad on Sunday afternoon. "But I feel great, honestly, because I know how important I am to the team. I talked to Pepa all the time about my role, but also with [assistant coach] Mikel Arteta, because he knows the position. They try to correct me if something goes wrong and I always listen, because even in my age you can still improve in both games and trainings. "

Fernandinho was so effective for Citi in the past five years that it is easy to forget that he is 33 years old. He only came to England at the age of 28, after eight seasons with Shakhtar Donetsk and if he played a significant part of his career in the relatively uncertainty of the Ukrainian league, it would be difficult to argue that he did not finish giving his best year to Citiu.

"Pep made me understand the game more," he says. "Not just how I play, but also how the team has to play, because I'm just a component." Pep and his staff work very hard, not only in training, but also in the analysis of their opponents, and now, of course, we understand more than he wants. the season when he arrived when it took him more time to understand his ideas, we can now figure out things he wants much better. In that first year some players did not pick up, they all continued to learn about what he wanted. it takes only gestures and we understand it. It has become easier, we can appreciate what it wants much better. "

It seems that Guardiola is affecting the highly consistent Fernandino, although this season was very suggestive – both sides promised the manager to order certain players to break the game with tactical mistakes when the opposition is in a position to start a quick counterattack.

Especially Fernandinho showed he was involved in getting away with petty offenses, mostly because he always looks so cheerful. What does he think he's called a funeral killer? "I'm a good guy!" He laughs. "I laugh because I'm happy! I heard what was said, but most of the time I am recovering the ball without making a mistake. It is my job to fix things in the middle of the field, and sometimes you get players that are faster than you or can fool you with a little skill, and sometimes you make a mistake. In football, contact is normal, especially in England. If the opponents break our lines and attack our box, something went wrong and I had to fix it, I'm a defender midfielder.

"But it's a real idea to defend the team, not just me." "When the other team has a ball, we are all under the instruction to get it back as soon as possible." Everyone, including strikers and winger, must press high.

The task of the city in the Sunday derby seemed relatively easy until Manchester United has so far announced its most impressive season in Turin on Wednesday. Fernandinho and his team-mates will be in their watch, but after what happened in April in the encounter with Etihad, no one could underestimate Jose Mourinho and his players. The city was ready to win the title by winning against its neighbors and rivals, the legend of having already printed the famous T-shirts to undermine the point, but United managed to keep the crown by returning from the 2-0 deficit will achieve three seconds.

"It was a unique game and it hurt," says Fernandinho. "We had the opportunity to win the title against our biggest opponent and we missed it, but we did not treat the game as a party. We wondered why we did not take the opportunity to win the title, and the answer was that we scored two goals, but we missed a lot of chance we achieve more.

"Pep was angry, very angry, but now we can not think about it, everyone should concentrate 100% on winning the game. United is a very dangerous team, they have quality players that can make a difference in big games. very, very attentive. "

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