Monday , April 12 2021

Fitbit Down: This is why your Fitbit is out of sync and what to do

The Fitbit app has been inactive for five hours and countless, leaving users unable to see their sleep, heart rate and activity statistics, or access training and meditation sessions. Those who log out of the application cannot log back in.

The company is aware of the problem and says it is currently working on a solution, but so far there is no deadline. We contacted Fitbit for feedback.

DownDetector shows that users around the world started reporting issues at 12:00 GMT (7:00 EST), when the app started not connecting to Fitbit servers.

Fitbit issues have been reported in DownDetector

Timeline of Fitbit issues reported via DownDetector in the UK on March 3rd (Image credit: DownDetector)

The editors of Android Authority and TechRadar have found that even though the app’s interface loads at first, the modules don’t show up and the data doesn’t sync with their devices. Widgets for step counting, calories, minutes in the hotspot, and floors up remain blank.

All other users have logged out and cannot log in again. Instead, they receive the error message “ is not available. Please try again later.” It is also not possible to log in to the website to view your dashboard.

Fitbit interruption

(Image credit: Fitbit)

Without the app, it is impossible to review sleep scores, activity trends, and SpO2 readings. Fitbit Premium users will not be able to access their workout catalog, including the new Deepak Chopra meditation sessions added last week.

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