Thursday , October 28 2021

Google feeds the rumors of Pixel with new code codes of the device


Code observers this week discovered activity on AOSP by some Google employees that surround two new devices. The names salmon i medeka It arose in the code, with tests that suggest that at least one of the two refers to an intelligent monitor.

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AOSP (Open Source project for Android) is an initiative created to guide the development of the Android mobile platform. Google makes the Android source code available to everyone. Every company that sells gadgets with technology from Android uses it to create software that is only adapted to your product.

Reprinted by Till Kotmann, the developer behind the popular Lawnchair Launcher application, a new code name walleye It has also appeared on the platform. But this is a reference to Pixel 2. The speculation is that at least one of the others refers to the awaited Pixel Watch. Last year, there was a leak that Google was working on three iterations on the device.

As you know, historically, the technology giant uses code names derived from fish for its developing hardware. Adding credit to rumors is the fact that the code is also mentioned menton devices AOSP. A chin device It usually refers to a clock with a flat circle trim design, such as the Moto 360.

Last September, Google dissipated the rumors of a launch of Pixel Watch in 2018, but the clock could see the light of the day in 2019. The company spent $ 40 million to acquire technology of intelligent technology of fossils He has made significant efforts to refine the Wear OS platform during the last year, but now he may be willing to launch a smartwatch on his own.

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