Sunday , March 7 2021

Harvest One launches to Satipharm the reformulated CDR capsules in Europe

The patented formulation says it improves the absorption of CBD and other cannabinoids

Harvest One Cannabis Inc. It reports that the company's property subsidiary, Satipharm Ltd., has launched European sales of its recently reformulated CBD capsules.

"The first product on the market is the Satipharm 10 mg CBD Gelpell® capsule that provides better bioavailability and quality," says a press release from Harvest One, a global cannabis company that develops and provides products of life and well-being to consumers and patients from regulated markets around the world. They are currently available online at

The distribution of bricks and mortar of the capsules "will continue with leading retailers throughout the United Kingdom and the European Union, with the Canadian distribution to follow," the company reports.

Satipharm points out that its technology "improves the absorption of CBD and other cannabinoids through a patented formulation of the CBD hemp extract contained in a Gelpell® seamless gelatin biosphere." Biospheres "are placed in gastro-resistant capsules, guaranteeing the timely release of CBD in the small intestine, thus improving bioavailability and ensuring that patients receive a consistent dose of CBD," he adds.

"We are pleased with the launch of the new website and the e-commerce platform of Satipharm", makes the capsules available to consumers in Europe, says company president Jonathan Hartshorn.

"The launch of the capsules formulated by Satipharm from CBD Gelpell® is an integral part of the Harvest One's health and wellness strategy," adds Grant Froese, general director of Harvest One. "We look forward to launching additional product lines as we move forward our health and wellness strategy in regulated markets around the world," says Foese.

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