Saturday , February 27 2021

iFixit sells battery replacement kits of $ 30 for the year 2019 after Apple finishes the discount program for official repairs

If you remember what happened one year ago, the fury of BatteryGate led Apple to reduce the cost of replacements of iPhone batteries from $ 79 to $ 29. Apple finished the discount by the end of 2018. iFixit goes announce today that they do not end up with their game of prices and will continue to sell their replacement kits for iPhone batteries for $ 29.99 until 2019.

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The Apple $ 29 discount led to a record number of Apple customers who replaced their battery after the battery control performance fiasco was published in the press. It happened that Apple made 11 million replacements of batteries, its usual usage rate ten times. Apple said the battery program helped reduce iPhone sales in the fourth vacation.

When Apple lowered its prices last year, iFixit joined them by selling their battery kits for $ 29.99. Nowadays, iFixit has said it will continue to keep its prices at this level for the rest of the year, with battery replacement kits available for iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and even older models such as the 5 and 5 c.

Apple currently offers battery replacement for $ 49 in iPhone SE, 6, 6, 7, and 8 ($ 69 for iPhone X, XS and XR). However, this includes the labor cost of Apple that performs security repairs and official three-month warranty coverage if everything happens with your device. You can take advantage of the Apple battery service at the Genius Bar or send it by mail to the device after setting up an online repair.

The iFixit drum kit is not official and DIY; the client must open the device themselves and perform the repair following the instructions included. It will invalidate your warranty, even if you do not care if you have a older device.

The Apple service will not offer corrupted cell phones in other ways, even if you just want a battery change, so that some of the parts of the Aftermarket market settings may be the # 39 ; only cheap option.

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