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India vs New Zealand Live Score, 3rd ODI: Shikhar Dhawan falls to Trent Boult | Cricket News



SUPERIORS 13.3: BIG HIT! Rohit loads the pitch against the Santner and arrives above the first six of the Indian chase

OVERS 12.2: FOUR! Kohli trims a delivery of Ferguson through the point of its first limit

OVERS 11.4: 50 to India, as Rohit pushes a shipment of Santner through the covers for one

India 44/1 after 10 openings

OVERS 9.1: FOUR! Rohit looks for a Bracewell delivery to the fine fence

OVERS 8.2: OUT! Dhawan (28) leaves a delivery of Boult at Taylor's first slippage to catch the catch. India 39/1

OVERS 6.6: FOUR! The door of Dhawan takes delivery of Boult for its sixth border

Lockie Feguson has been introduced in the attack

OVERS 4.4: FOUR! Dhawan keeps a good throw from Boult above the goalkeeper

OVERS 3.6: FOUR! Dhawan squares square for its fourth border, all in front of Bracewell

OVERS 3.2: FOUR! Rohit makes a delivery of Bracewell at the mid-wicket fence

OVER 1.6: FOUR! Dhawan faces the mid-wicket fence

OVER 1.5: FOUR! Dhawan cuts between point and lid

OVER 1.4: FOUR! The units of the door of Dhawan for the first limit of indigenous persecution

Doug Bracewell takes care of the second part of the indigenous persecution

OVER 0.5: Shikhar Dhawan covers the two disks to download the brand

OVER 0.1: Rohit Sharma borders the thin bed to get a single to get off the mark

Trent Boult sets the first race of the race

India needs 244 races to win in 50 openings

OUTSIDE 48.6: OUT! Boult pulls a delivery from Bhuvneshwar to the top and Shami rushes to capture a short third man. New Zealand 243 everything away

OVERS 48.1: OUT! Boult hits a half lap and calls Bracewell by a sun, but Kohli goes to the ball and runs out of Bracewell (15). New Zealand 239/9

OVERS 47.6: OUT! Sodhi (12) tries a long time for Kohli to take the catch. New Zealand 239/8

OVERS 47.4: DROPPED! Sodhi gets off to the air, but Virat Kohli drops the ski over time

OVERS 47.3: BIG HIT! Sodhi takes a Shami delivery in the middle of Wicket

OVERS 45.1: OUT! Taylor (93) drags a shipment of Shami to guardian Karthik for the capture. New Zealand 222/7

VERS 44.2: FOUR! Taylor looks to shoot, but gets a superior advantage from the slower Pandya ball that goes behind the goalkeeper

MORE 43.3: FOUR! Taylor makes a Shami delivery to the fine fence

Shami replaces Pandya in the attack

SUPERIORS 42.3: FOUR! Bracewell arrives at a delivery from Bhuvneshwar through the covers

OVERS 41.3: 200 towards New Zealand as Bracewell for two

OVERS 41.3: OUT! Mitchell Santner (3) heads a Pandya delivery to goalkeeper Karthik for capture. New Zealand 198/6

New Zealand 191/5, 10 overs to go

OVERS 39.2: Henry Nicholls (6) goes to the stretch, but controls the slower delivery of Pandya to Karthik to get a simple catch. New Zealand 191/5

Pandya replaces Chahal in the attack

OVERS 38.6: FOUR! Taylor shortens a delivery of Bhuvneshwar to the fence of the third man

Bhuvneshwar replaces Kuldeep in the attack

OUTSIDE 37.3: OUT! Latham (51) miss-hits a Chahal rendition in mid-Wicket for Rayudu to catch the catch. New Zealand 178/4

OVERS 37.1: 13th Fifty ODI for Latham while repeating a half-wicket Chahal delivery for two races, 62 balls left

OVERS 36.4: Taylor cuts a Kuldeep error through his sixth bioruntary

SUPERIORS 35.3: GREAT HIT! Latham gets a Chahal throw over the square leg for the second six of the innings in New Zealand

OVERS 34.3: 100 partnerships between all
n Taylor and Latham with 110 balls

MORE 33.3: FOUR! 150 in New Zealand, as Taylor cut a Chahal delivery to the fence of the third man

Chahal replaces Jadhav in the attack

SUPERIORS 31.3: FOUR! 46th ODI fifty for Taylor while he squares cut another limit. Fifty Taylor came out of 71 balls

SUPERIORS 31.2: FOUR! Taylor explodes a Jadhav delivery through the covers

Kedar Jadhav has been presented in the attack

50 races between Taylor and Latham of 63 balls

OVERS 26.5: FOUR! Pandya is short and Taylor heads to the mid-rise fence

OVERS 26.1: FOUR! Taylor shortens a Pandya delivery to the third man's fence

OVERS 25.5: 100 towards New Zealand, since Latham makes an eye on Kuldeep in the fine leg for two races

SUPERIOR 23.5: FOUR! Latham spreads a shipment of Kuldeep to the deep square leg, with a scrub of Ambati Rayudu at the limit

SUPERIORS 22.4: Latham achieves an advantage, which goes to the back, but is in the field, a difficult opportunity for Shami

They have gone 22 open and Shami attacks again

Kuldeep replaces Pandya in the attack, New Zealand 75/3 at 21 overs

OVERS 16.2: OUT! Pandya takes an excellent snorkel catch in the middle of Wicket to rule out Williamson (28) from Chahal. New Zealand 59/3

Change of purpose for Pandya as it substitutes Chahal in the attack

Kuldeep Yadav replaces Pandya in the attack

OVERS 11.6: FOUR! 50 for New Zealand, while Williamson makes a delivery from Chahal to the mid-Wicket fence

Hardik Pandya has been introduced in the attack

OVERS 9.6: FOUR! Williamson cuts between cover and point

They have produced 9 overs and Yuzvendra Chahal has been introduced in the attack

OVERS 8.3: FOUR! Williamson directly directs a delivery of Bhuvneshwar for his second limit

OVERS 6.1: OUT! Guptill (13) launched a delivery of Bhuvneshwar for Karthik to take the catch. New Zealand 26/2

OVERS 5.4: FOUR! Williamson arrives to a shipment of Shami through the covers for his first limit

OVERS 4.5: FOUR! Guptill goes to the mid-wicket fence

OVERS 4.2; GREAT COP! Guptill makes a handshake of Bhuvneshwar halfway through Wicket during the first six of the match

OVERS 1.6: OUT! Munro (7) roars the first time for Rohit Sharma to catch the catch. New Zealand 10/1

OVERS 1.4: DROPPED! Dinesh Karthik gets caught, but a great chance on his left falls

OVERS 1.3: FOUR! Munro runs for the first half of the game

Mohammed Shami faces the second plate, starts around Wicket at Colin Munro

Bhuvneshwar Kumar puts the first part of the game, Martin Guptill on strike

New Zealand Captain Kane Williamson won the launch and chose to fight India at the third ODI in Oval Bay in Mount Maunganui.

MS Dhoni has come out with a muscle tension and replaces Dinesh Karthik. Hardik Pandya returns to the site of Vijay Shankar.

For New Zealand, Mitchell Santner arrives at the Colin de Grandhomme site.

India's captain, Virat Kohli, said they had first baptized and felt the slowest and slower surface as the game progresses

Williamson said that it is a good surface that should play well and slow down later

India XI: Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli (capt), Ambati Rayudu, Kedar Jadhav, Dinesh Karthik (wk), Hardik Pandya, Kuldeep Yadav, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami, Yuzvendra Chahal

New Zealand XI: Martin Guptill, Colin Munro, Kane Williamson (capt), Ross Taylor, Tom Latham (wk), Henry Nicholls, Mitchell Santner, Doug Bracewell, Ish Sodhi, Lockie Feguson, Trent Boult

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