Monday , October 18 2021

LocalBitcoins resumes outbound transactions after the phishing link on Forum warnings


A link to a local clone website, Bitcoins of phishing, had been placed on the official forum of LocalBitcoins, but the attack was stopped. An administrator from the LocalBitcoins community warned about the Reddit attack on January 26.

According to the publication, an unidentified hacker or hacker group detected a security vulnerability in the LocalBitcoins forum and linked it to a fishing forum. Even before the official announcement, a Reddit user warned in a publication on the Bitcoin sub-network (BTC):

"When you visit the forum of localbitcoins […] Users are invited to sign in to their account, as if they were logged out. This only seems to be that if you are already logged in. This is so [SIC] You are using a PHISHING site and 2FA codes to clear customer accounts. Restrictions have been suspended by LocalBitcoins. "

The alleged hacker's (or hacker) address, identified in the comments of a user who claims to have been hacked, received a total of 7.95205862 BTC in five different transactions, equivalent to about $ 28,134 in press time . The user also urges:

"Please open the address 13WaahhsiGph4ysmQtjVhVTdgQUSL62KJr black list in the exchanges."

In the publication of Reddit published by the community administrator, LocalBitcoins claims that the vulnerability identified was contained in third-party software, and confirmed that six known cases of users are affected.

The company also stopped the attack and reactivated the outgoing transactions (which were temporarily disabled). However, the publication indicates that the forum's function is still deactivated until another notice.

As recently reported by Cointelegraph, after an international police cooperation, an individual of 36 years suspected of robbery of more than $ 11 million in IOTA was arrested for another phishing scam.

In addition, news broke at the beginning of the month that the Indian police arrested a group associate accused of performing a cryptography scam that involves 5 billion rupees (about 70, 5 million dollars).

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