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Lovers of Kim Porter, including Ek Diddy, respect it at the gathering


Friends and family were released from Kim Porter.

On Sunday, those who were closest to the late model gathered for an intimate socializing celebrating her life after her deceased last week. The event was hosted by former Sean "Diddy" Combs, who is also the father of three of his children.

Diddy took photographs that were exhibited at the event, including several of himself and his ex. The whole event is decorated with splendid candles.

Kim Porter, Sean Diddy Combs

Received from Instagram

Kim Porter

Received from Instagram

Before and after the event, Porter's loved ones expressed respect in their life and heritage.

"In the last three days I've been trying to wake up from this night power, but I did not," Diddy put an old video together when they were a couple. "I do not know what to do without you baby I miss you a lot Today I will give you a confession, I will try to find words to explain our inexplicable relationship We were more than the best friends We were more than related souls We had some other S * * T !! And I miss you so much. Super black love. "

Since then, Diddy has shared a number of other posts with Porter, including a video of her happy dancing at the party.

Two days after his death, hip-hop mogul and his long-time girlfriend, Cassie, split up, ET learned. However, she also took time to respect Porter with Touch Instagram post.

"There is no word," she wrote with a magnificent black and white photo of Porter. "The incredible mother of her beautiful family, set fire to every room she entered and now the most beautiful angel" Sending so much love and condolences to the family Porter and Combs. I love you @winks, @ kingcombs, Jessie, D & # 39; Lila, Chance, @ princejdc i @ diddi.Puff, you're already the best father. I know you'll be amazing. I love you, too. "

Kimora Lee Simmons, former wife of Russell Simmons and a close friend of Porter, published several old photo models on Sunday along with a hearty message explaining how she discovered the news.

"At your festive celebration today it has become too real you are not going back," she wrote. "I can not stop crying, but I will be very much for you." VAI went away, Vtf, I'm in shock, to my beautiful friend and sister, I love you.❤ This is incredible, when I first heard the news, I was angry that someone would play such a stupid joke. "

"They said you were sleeping in the room," she added. "Aoki and I rushed to your house to tell you to" get up and come inside! " "But as soon as I arrived, I realized that you would not come in. Every room I'm entering into now I think," OK, I'll just go and take Kim. "But I see that I can not. This is too close and too sad. so much lighthouse. "

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At your celebration today, it has become too realistic not to return. I can not stop crying, but I'll be great for you. Soon went VAI. Vtf. I'm shocked. To my beautiful friend and sister, I love you.❤ This is incredible. When I first heard the news, I was angry that someone would play such a stupid joke. They said you were sleeping in your room. Aoki and I rushed to your house to tell you to come in and get your ass outside! But as soon as I arrived, I realized that you would not come. Every room I'm entering into now I think, "OK, I'll just go and take Kim." But I see that I can not. This is too close and too sad. Your light was so lighthouse. You are the whole MOOD! You're a girl and that's why we always stay close. We are so similar in so many ways, we have divided clothes, food, attitudes, friends, enemies, greatest happiness and worst sorrows. We were married, born, raised families, divorced, experienced death, and everything in the meantime. You're a great mom. There are 8 children among us who are all relatives. We are and will always be a family. I will take care of you and take care and lead all of us. What a beautiful, lovely, absolutely soul is lost. We love you forever. May God bless your journey. We will never stop crying for you ❤? # kimporter # forevermiladi # rip ? # blackekcellence ?

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The oldest son of Porter, Kuinci Tailor Brovn, also shared a photo with his mother and his twin brothers Jessie and Delilah Combs.

"I'm broken … and the only thing that makes sense now is that you've been too good for this stupid world we live in," he wrote. "I love you a lot of MOMMI. Please, Give Me the Biggest Hug and kiss for Me."

Porter's body was discovered at Lake Toluca, California, on November 15th TMZ, for several weeks struggled against pneumonia.

ET learned that after a scene survey, LAPD did not find any evidence of something that had happened. Her autopsy was conducted on November 16, but the cause of death was postponed until further investigation. Her body was released into the morgue.

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