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Manchester United and Man City are together Premier League KSI


With the 177th Manchester City derby on the horizon, it's natural that the debate about the biggest KSI encounter reappeared.

Manchester United travel to Manchester City in the Premier League on Sunday afternoon, because the side of Jose Mourinho seems to be troubling against the ruling champions of England.

But which team produced the best players during the Premier League era and who will make the players in the combined KSI made on both sides?

Our panel had an attitude on this issue, but the word of warning – most probably will not agree. Please let us know in the following comments that would be in your combined KSI.

Stuart Brennan

This was difficult – there were no many legendary players. I still can not justify the omissions of Eric Canton, Iaia Toure, Roi Keane and Carlos Tevez.

But I took the cowardly way of choosing a guard who played for both clubs, and that was a strong call between Kiel Valker and Garry Neville right backward – the extra pace of the City gave him a slight advantage.

Then Kevin De Bruine slowly saw Keane as a full-fledged player, while I expect that in five years, Raheem Sterling and / or Leroi Sane may be displaced by Giggs – another close.

Charlotte Duncker

There were a lot of good players in every position that there was no way to make a combined KSI, without the loss of many world class players, which means De Bruy and Cantona do not even work.

So, starting in the network, Schmeichel, United's best trophy, would have to play and play for Citi, so that both boxes were crushed. There is still no argument to the right. Walker has not yet reached Neville's consistency level, and while he is still in his career, the former captain of the United States leads him in this debate.

Back in the middle should have Vidic and Kompani, an incredible duo that would frighten any attacker in the Premier League.

Then the real debate comes in the middle of the court. Playing with 4-3-3 means there are only three places for the middle of the scratch field and a wealth of talent for movement. Silva is probably one of the best players in the city and one of the biggest midfielder the Premier League saw and it would be a crime for Scholes not to interfere. Keane gets the head for his physical and leadership abilities.

Aguero arrives ahead of Rooney, but it would be a clear argument that United's former captain would be there too.

Rich Fai

At the finish we already have the first controversial point. The growing Van der Sar was a standard agent in the Premier League – that I was young. However, the Dutch goalkeeper won 27 major trophies during his career and kept a clean sheet in the world league by not receiving just one goal in 1,311 minutes.

Iaia Toure, Roi Keane and David Silva chose to balance in the middle of the court. For me, this is the centerpiece of the best captain who English football ever saw in Keanu, while Toure at the top was one of the best players in the division. There was a throw between Paul Scholes and Silva for the ultimate creative place, but the city maestro explained this to me.

The final choice worth the justification is an attacker with Vaine Roonei in the election. Love him or hate him, a veteran attacker is a record scorer in the history of the derby and so little muscle of the incredible talents of Sergiu Aguero.

Liam Corless

Peter Schmeichel and Edwin van der Sar are the two generous goalkeepers of United, but David de Gea is better than both.

On the right-hand side, Gary Neville is an obvious choice, while Vincent Kompani and Rio Ferdinand provide the perfect combination of defensive capabilities and a class on the ball. Dear Mention for Jaap Stam and Nemanja Vidic.

Patrice Evra and Dennis Irvin are the only real liaison candidates on the left, but I confessed to the Frenchman who was the main player in the team that has played three Champions League Championships in the last four years between 2008 and 2011.

In the middle of the middle Iaia Toure just came out Roi Keane, Paul Scholes and David Silva. In a few years, Kevin De Bruine could be in the equation, but he did not do enough to justify his inclusion just yet.

In the upcoming positions I went to Cristiano Ronaldo on the right wing with Vaine Roonei, he shot on the left wing to adjust Sergio Aguero to the central striker.

Ciaran Kelli

I went to this thinking by selecting the goalkeeper would be the simplest decision, but even the choice between the three big stoppers I made to think aloud – it's not a great start. I went to Peter Schmeichel, but David de Gea is on his way to establishing himself as a legend of the United Kingdom.

The fourth four was quite simple – Denis Irvin was a g. Consistent – and Vincent Kompani only turned Nemanja Vidic into a little blue and red balance.

At halftime, Paul Scholes and Roi Keane have to play, and David Silva is just kneeling Kevin De Bruin to third place.

There were little complaints about Cristiano Ronaldo and Ryan Giggs, but the choice between Sergio Aguero and Vaine Roonei was inconvenient.

The Argentine gives the party the necessary City Balance – and is well on its way to overcoming Rooney's goal in Manchester.

Samuel Luckhurst

As is contradictory, as it sounds, Schmeichel and Van der Sar are probably bigger United Nations giants, but they have not even opposed beliefs like De Gea. Spanjeard's ability is likely to burden his esteemed predecessors and, although he has only one title, he spent longer in United than Schmeichel or Van der Sar.

Neville was one of the most effective right-hand backs in Europe for more than five years. Ferdinand and Vidic were the best defense partnerships on the planet between 2006 and 2008, and Ferdinand was the finest half of the world at that time. The Euro may have achieved a higher pitch than Irvine (five Champions League finals in his career), but the Iraqi was stable even ahead of his time with his feelings for the adventure.

Keane may have been so important to United as Eric Canton. Scholes is perhaps the greatest player of the Grand Manchester in the history of the club, and Silva is the best player in the Premier League since Ronaldo left in 2009. There was no better team in the Premier League than this decade than Aguero. The longevity of Giggs often hides its quality, which has become more desirable in the past eight years, but it has still bleed in the late thirties. Ronaldo is the most gifted talent the United had from George Best.

Nine red and two blue
Nine red and two blue

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