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Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin to 'Doom Eternal' – Variety


The "Doom" franchise has had a measurable effect on the gaming industry over the past 26 years. The first game, released on PC in 1993, helped define the shooter genre in the first person as we know it today. While some series see new releases every year or two, there have been only four published posts posted to date, with a fifth release by the end of the year: "Doom Eternal." To end the E3, we sat down with Marty Stratton Hugo Martin will talk about the game "Eternal", the "Doom" and the continuous struggle between good and evil.

Stratton, executive producer "Doom Eternal", has been identified for more than 20 years. Before being acquired by Bethesda Zenimax Media's parent company in 2009, ID had already consolidated itself as a leader of the FPS genre, thanks to series such as "Wolfenstein", "Quake" and, of course, " Doom ". Stratton has not lost sight of over the years, it is the importance of teamwork.

"People make a difference," he told us. "Not only talent, but the good that work together. This has been so much as a focus for us … redefining 'Doom' over the past five years, we have to redefine our team and establish a group of people who could really do almost anything they put their mind "

Stratton hired Martin, who has a visual history and ad animation, about six years ago. He called to work with such incredible "incredible" developer, comparing an identifier with Disney, since both are "legacy" companies that span generations of employees.

As a creative director of 'Doom Eternal', Martin is committed to the vision of his team in the series: a "forward-looking" game in which the only way to survive is to confront your demons. "We have to keep the weapons," he said. Although it offers multiple paths to a solution, it works in titles such as the "Dishonored" series of Arkane, "Our solution is to solve it in a way, which is only weaponry and aggression … that we have to fulfill ".

So where "Doom Eternal" fits in the series? Developers said it is based on the reboot of 2016 "Doom" with an epic story in which "you will travel to the depths of hell and the heights of heaven," as Stratton said. The title itself refers to "the eternal struggle between good and evil and the eternal struggle of Doomslayer against the demons … The universe of" Doom "is expanding and exploring some of the" These great ideas of good against evil. "

Some shooters have the objective of a photorealistic experience, but "Doom" has always been more fun at his death. This "foolishness of the comic", as Stratton said, is part of what Doom does.

"It's killing demons. I mean, you're doing God's work," Martin explained. "You know, they're not people. I think we really do not refer to true gories. Like the artists, you do not necessarily have to look for any reference in any reference to understand how to make the gore. It's literally like a cartoon. Therefore, I think it's a break, it's fun. "

Both Stratton and Martin were visibly enthusiastic about the multiplayer game "Doom Eternal", Battlemode, which expands the online mode "Doom 2016" in a biblical struggle until death. "It's basically everything that players love the" Doom "combat, but social and with their friends," said Stratton. While the multiplayer of the reboot felt "disconnected", as he said, "what we have done with" Doom Eternal "is to bring this DNA and create … this player against the demonic experience. He is a murderer Highly qualified and highly qualified. He has all his weapons, all his mods, and manages to face two demons controlled by the players. "

"The multiplayer will make them disappear," Martin reiterated. "It's as attractive as the single-player."

It is difficult to obtain a legacy, but considering the positive reception of the latest independence title of Des Software, the franchise that puts shooters in the first person on the map seems to be in good hands. You can see for yourself on November 22, when "Doom Eternal" is set to PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia.

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